Stephen Curry Benches Bad Habits as Coach Curry

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Posted: 4:27 PM, Jan 11, 2018

Steph Curry morphs from Warriors point guard to head coach in a new comedy sketch with YouTube star Rudy Mancuso.

In the rap-laced musical skit sponsored by Brita, Curry helps Mancuso break a few bad habits which include laziness, eating junk food, and…drinking bottled water?!

"First thing's first, these water bottles gotta go," Curry lip syncs to Mancuso's vocals. "Don't you love the ocean, bro?" Think of Nemo, people!

Moonlighting as a coach isn’t the only job Curry takes on in the video. Wait ‘til you see the MVP as an overgrown mustache-wearing pizza delivery guy. Can you say long-lost Super Mario Brother?

Keeping your resolutions is tough for anyone, but it must be a little bit easier with Coach Curry by your side. Shout out to Shots Studios for this slam dunk of an ad.  

Grab some kale, or a pizza – we won’t judge! Watch to the find out why Stephen Curry is topping our Viralist.

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