Street Art: Artist Transforms Graffiti into Gorgeous Mural

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By: Dave Taylor | Jared Cotter Posted: 5:03 PM, Feb 2, 2018


We’ve all heard about tattoo coverups, but what about graffiti coverups?

Graffiti is a serious problem in the U.S., but here’s one way we can definitely get behind fixing it: having amazing artists turn it into something absolutely beautiful.

When you see graffiti, you usually think “what a waste,” but when a painter sees graffiti, he sees a canvas. When Mexican painter Rilke Guillen saw this graffiti, he didn't want to clean it off. He wanted to build on it. This three minute time lapse captures his process over the course of 30 hours as he changes it into a beautiful work of art that anyone would want on their city's walls.

You can make art out of anything it turns out! Watch this video to the end and share with the art lovers in your life!

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