Stretching 101: 3 Simple Moves to Ease Neck, Back & Wrist Pain

By: Todd Covelli | Segun Oduolowu Posted: 10:46 AM, Sep 11, 2018

Stretching can easily be one of the most overlooked parts of working out. And with more and more Americans suffering from tech neck, lower back pain and carpal tunnel than even before, it could be something essential for your health. The List chatted with Jamie Finann from Core Power Yoga, who taught us a drug-free ways to help fix all of those issues. Here are three simple moves to stretch out our sedentary lifestyle.

1. Neck Stretches  

First let’s stretch out the neck. This first stretch starts by first sitting up nice and tall. Then, you draw your right ear to your right shoulder. Repeat this on the other side, counting about three seconds – or breaths – for each. And then if you’d like a little more stretch, as you hold there, you can pull your left shoulder down. 

2. Wrist Pain 

Next up, we’re focusing on stretching the wrists, which take a beating on that keyboard all day. A move that will help with pain starts with sitting up nice and tall while reaching your arms out. You then make fists with your palms, rotate down so your knuckles face the earth, hold for a few breaths, and then come back the opposite way as you face your palms forward. This helps increase blood flow to your wrists and hands, which can rejuvenate the muscle tissue. 

3. Back Stretches 

And finally, we’re stretching out the back, which can get compressed from driving or sitting all day. You will need a little more space for these stretches, as you’ll be working on the back and opening up the hips a bit as well through the shoulders.

You first get on all fours and stretch your arms out. Stretch your palms shoulder-width apart and hold for three seconds. Jaime says that to get the most from all these stretches, breathing right is key. Being mindful of breathing is going to really assist in opening the body, releasing tension and bringing new blood flow to the areas we are targeting. 

So, there you have it. A sedentary lifestyle doesn’t have to equal body pain. These simple stretches are super easy and can be done from even the comfort of your own desk.  





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