The Perfect Summer Vacation Based on Your Zodiac Sign

By: Jacqui Denker | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 8:39 AM, May 7, 2019 Updated: 9:30 AM, Jul 31, 2019

Get to packin’ because we’re going on summer vacation! And we turned to astrologist Jim Ventura to help us pick a destination based on our zodiac signs.


1. Taurus

Taurus is a sign that truly enjoys indulgence and luxury (but likely still wants to snag a bargain) No sign gets more enjoyment from the senses, and the decadence of indulgence itself can be a very strong pull. Good eating has to part of the plan. Taurus is typically loyal as well and often will repeatedly return to the same spot or location. Abroad, a place like Italy would be ideal. In the U.S., they’d enjoy a wine country retreat, the tastes of New Orleans, or visiting a mountain lodge or spa.


2. Gemini

Gemini is an adaptable sign that enjoys learning, new information, stimulus, and being up on what is “hip.” Their unusually sharp minds enjoys the process of mapping out a travel destination and looking into the details of where to go and what to see ahead of time. Abroad, hitting multiple travel destination in Europe would be appealing, or even island hopping in the Philippines. In the U.S., they’d like backpacking, or renting an RV to travel the country could work. The excitement and diversity of New York city, or Vegas would be a great study.


3. Cancer

Cancers are geared toward nurturing and caring for others. They’re often home bodies who enjoy travel as a break from their tendency to take on too much responsibility. They often do have really good taste as well. If a Cancer is part of a family, then anything that might appeal to the whole family is on the table. They are often naturally drawn to water destinations. Abroad, anywhere connected with a lake or beach or even island can be fun, or even taking a cruise. In the U.S., places like Portland, Oregon, a cabin in the woods, Disney World, Niagara Falls, or the Grand Canyon would make a great family adventure.


4. Leo

Leos like to be where the action is! These fire signs look for fun, a place to play, and to shine wherever they are. Leo likes to be seen by others as the generous one. They do enjoy giving for the praise it can bring in return. They are confident and will often do some surprising things to be able to share their adventures later in story form. Abroad, a place like Paris or London would be a place to shine. In the U.S., the excitement of Las Vegas or Hawaii or any warm sunny island vacation would work.


5. Virgo

They are researchers and not as likely as some other signs who just simply go with the flow. They enjoy researching, learning, and typically commit to doing things well. The same can go for a vacation plan. Abroad places like Italy or exploring the Mayan Ruins in Mexico would be a great stimulant. In the U.S., a trip to Sedona, Arizona to trigger their more spiritual sides – or New England, or any place where they can have and use an itinerary.


6. Libra

Libras enjoy culture, typically have fine tastes, and like to connect with people. Most Libras like having a partner with them. They steer clear of anything that might be too course. Abroad, a place like Berlin, Germany or Tahiti would be exciting. In the U.S., they can connect with a spa retreat to beatify and relax. Wine tasting in Northern California or the beach and restaurants of San Diego would be nice destinations.


7. Scorpio

Scorpios are self-reliant and do like a bit of challenge. They are good at overcoming obstacles and often have sharp penetrating minds. They can handle the complex. Abroad, a trip to Africa for a safari would be something they might enjoy. In the U.S., any of the mountain states, New Orleans, or Jerome Arizona would be fun considerations.


8. Sagittarius

Sagittarius are adventurous and natural travelers. They enjoy meeting all kinds of different people, tasting local cuisines and coming back with great stories to share. Abroad, exploring multiple destinations in Europe would be fun and they would get to meet many different types of people. An adventure to climb Machu Picchu would be something to talk about.  In the U.S., exploring the Grand Canyon, backpacking anywhere, a dude ranch, or even Sedona, Arizona would appeal at multiple levels.


9. Capricorn

Capricorns are generally not spontaneous. They work hard so getting them to vacation is not always easy. When they do commit they are often reminded to consider doing it more often! Abroad a place like Amsterdam, London, or anywhere with a rich history would be a worthy goal to set. In the U.S., any place with museums would work. Destinations like Chicago or Washington, D.C. would be fun to consider.


10. Aquarius

Aquarius are sharp-minded people who like traveling alone or in groups. They love to gather knowledge and can be fun and open to all kinds of different people and cultures. Abroad exotic places like South America, Iceland, or a trip to Japan would make it on their list. In the U.S. a trip to a Volcano in Kona, Alaska, or a place like Portland would stimulate nicely.


11. Pisces

Pisces need to escape the demands of life from time to time more than any other sign. They have a duel nature of very practical and another side that is spiritual or creative. There are lots of options that could stimulate a Pisces. Abroad, they’d enjoy China or Japan. In the U.S., anything connected with water would work. Places like the Florida Keys, a cruise just about anywhere, kayaking, surfing, or a cabin retreat in the woods would be ideal.


12. Aries

Aries are adventurous fire signs. There is very little they wouldn’t consider. A bit of risk taking is in their blood. Abroad, places like Moscow, Costa Rica, or a safari adventure in Africa would be something to tackle. In the U.S., cliff diving in Hawaii, horseback riding in the west, or anything they would see as fun and unique would be sure to please.


Here’s to reading the signs to tell us where to vacation this summer!


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