Super Bowl Tech: 3 Mind-Blowing Camera Innovations

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By: Lindsey Granger | Orlando Morales Posted: 4:50 PM, Feb 4, 2017

A huge amount of technology goes into broadcasting the Super Bowl, including some mind-boggling camera angles. A new one is even kicking off Sunday so Lindsey Granger decided to check the video innovations you’ll be seeing during the Big Game.

1.  FOX Player View

FOX teamed up with Intel to push their 360 replay tech to the limit. The result was a virtual camera that can be placed on any player to show the field from their perspective. It’s set to be showed off at this year’s Super Bowl.

2.  Pylon Cams

These high-tech pylons allow capturing touchdowns in a whole different way. There are multiple cameras in them and that gives you a unique view of all touchdowns scored. They've been used the past two seasons and saw their first Super Bowl last year. Even though they're loaded with wires and cameras, they are still soft enough for players to hit.

3.  Spider Cam

A few years ago they started using them to get one of the coolest shots in all of sports broadcasting. A pilot and a camera operator work in tandem to control the high-definition camera with pan, tilt and stabilizing sensors built-in. This allows three dimensional maneuverability across the field using four spooled optical cables wrapped in Kevlar.

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