Sweet Drinks: 3 candy cocktail recipes

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By: Teresa Strasser | Todd Covelli Posted: 5:52 PM, Aug 7, 2017

Candy evokes so many sweet childhood memories and while it's fun to reminisce with Red Hots and Pop Rocks, some manufactures have added a grown up twist to classic candies. Even sweeter, Teresa Strasser and Brickyard Bar & Grill’s Brianna Boney are pairing these confections with grown up concoctions.

1.  Jelly Belly Mimosa

The key is going to be Champagne flavored jelly beans. Mix them in a mimosa which consists of orange juice and Champagne. Simple, sweet and delicious!

2.  Chocolate Guinness Pints

Grab your favorite tan beer which is any lager and then add the chocolate pints just like an Irish Car Bomb. This one will get the party started!

3.  Jack Daniel’s Caramels

Just whip up a whiskey sour. It's so easy. Mix 3 parts whiskey, 3 parts sour mix and add a maraschino cherry. Think of the caramel as a chaser. You’ll want to serve it on the side and not in the drink. This one will get your sweet tooth, and you, buzzing!

Big thanks to Brickyard Bar & Grill!

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