Swipe Right: 3 Apps to Show Some Love This Valentine’s Day

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 8:15 PM, Feb 9, 2017

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast! If you're stumped on how to show some love, Lindsey Granger has three apps that will help leave your special someone smiling.

1.  LA-LA

Forget waking your partner up with a lovey-dovey, but boring text. Now you can send a next-level message made from snippets of romantic songs. Just search for songs on YouTube and use the parts that fit your sweetheart. Recipients don't even need the app to get your text. The best part is you can add a photo to your song note.

2.  Couple

It's a social media platform built for two. Chronicle your life together with a private timeline of shared moments — while sparing single folks the agony of having to see it on Facebook or Instagram. You can send voice notes, drawings and even a vibrating virtual kiss with the touch of a thumb.

3.  Hello Vino

If you need to pick up a bottle of wine, but have no idea what to get then this app will figure it out for you. Why not have bottles your partner will love? Just pick the occasion and plug in your girlfriend or boyfriends preferences — then let a location service find deals for the wine you want nearest you.

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