Tackle Your Dreams: 3 tips from footballer Becca Longo

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Meredith Witthar Posted: 7:44 PM, Apr 25, 2017

When you think of high school football, you might only think of muscled guys in pads, but last year, 1963 girls were tough enough to play for their teams. Think that's the only place ladies can dominate the sport? Think again. Kicker Becca Longo became the first female football player to get a scholarship to play football at the college level, breaking barriers for girls everywhere. How did she do it? Kristina Guerrero has the scoop plus Longo's 3 tips to kick your dreams through the uprights.

1. Play Hard, Work Hard

Longo had to work hard since day one to prove she deserved her spot on the Basha High School football team. And since day one, she never stopped working. Once people see how hard you work and how serious you are at achieving your goal, they won't be able to doubt you.

2. Ignore The Negatives

We all have dissenters when it comes to expressing our dreams for ourselves and Longo, as you can imagine, was no different. Some people questioned her ability, her dedication, and her odds. But if Longo listened to those doubts, she wouldn't be where she is now, ready to play Division II football for a school in Colorado. To others with impossible dreams, Longo says, "you don't have to listen to anyone else thinks or says. I believe in you." And so do we.

3. Trust Your Team

As much as Longo had to work hard herself to become the success she is, football isn't a solo sport. Eventually, no matter what your goal is, you might need to reach out to someone or run behind someone blocking for you (football reference). And that's okay. It's okay to put your trust in people who believe in you. The people on your team will always make themselves known when you need them most. And if you believe in yourself and in them, they'll believe in you.

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