Tax Help: 3 Apps Making Filing Super Easy

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 1:55 PM, Feb 1, 2017

The IRS says 1/3 of Americans wait until the last minute to file taxes. No need to wait this year! Lindsey Granger has three apps making filing super easy.

1.  MileIQ

Rack up refunds on business trips with this app. It automatically detects logs and calculates all of your business miles. 55 million Americans drive a personal car for work–the app makes your life easier by automatically tracking you. If you forget, it will remind you later.

2.  Expensify

This one takes care of a tedious tax season task. After a purchase, just open up the smart scan, snap a picture of your receipt and get back to work. It even allows you to compare daily income and expenditures to see how to make improvements. The app integrates with almost every kind of accounting software so lose the pile of papers at this year’s CPA appointment.

3.  Ducky

Think of it as the Tinder of taxes. You can edit or add notes to any expense, view real time reports including expense, income and even your totals for every write off category. With the click of a button export the reports to your CPA!

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