Taya Kyle Shares 3 Ways to Find Your American Spirit

America is full of resilient people. And quite possibly one of the most resilient among us is a woman named Taya Kyle — the widow of Chris Kyle who was memorialized in the movie American Sniper. Taya took her grief and turned it into hope for others by traveling the country as an inspirational public speaker and spreading her message of perseverance. Now she’s sharing how you can get started on your own journey to change the world.


1. Turn Challenge into Opportunity


Taya says it all starts when you turn challenge into opportunity. “Like anybody who’s really honest about getting through a hard time, it’s not a straight path — it’s windy, and it’s up and down,” says the author. But that never stopped her. While she was on the road, she heard stories from strangers about their suffering and triumphs which helped her find her calling. “At some point I found it so inspiring and healing, it felt wrong not to share the stories,” she adds.


2. Discover Your Purpose


Her next tip is to discover your purpose. Taya felt part of her purpose was spreading the stories she’s heard in her new book American Spirit. “You’ll hear from young kids, teenagers, […] men, women, families, individuals — and you’ll see that the journey is different for all of us,” explains Taya. “But the one thing they have in common is they started out with an idea. They never knew if it was gonna be huge or not. They just went with it and it worked, and it turns into a movement.”


3. Take Action


And that’s where the final step comes in — take action. “That’s the beauty of our freedom,” insists Taya. “We get to express ourselves and bring whoever we are — whatever our flaws are — to the table and make something of it.” She says that each of the people in her book weren’t sure what would happen with their ideas — but that didn’t stop them.

Even country star Zac Brown started an idea he wasn’t completely sure of. “Zac Brown’s camp for kids [started] with a camp counselor who touched his life,” shares Taya. “So the beauty of all this is you do something good and you have to have faith that it matters.” And Taya says that every little action can lead to a big change: “That’s freedom, right? That’s what we do with our freedom; we use it in ways to help each other. That’s what makes this American spirit, and I just want people to remember that and use it.” Amen!


Feeling inspired yet? Now you’ve got three ways to help you find your American spirit.


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