Teach your pet to take a dope selfie with these 5 tricks

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 10:22 PM, Jun 21, 2017

I selfie; you selfie; we all stop for selfies! You've heard all the tips for taking a fire picture of your pretty mug, but do you know how to up your game when it comes to selfie-ing with your pet? We always want a good picture of us and our pets, but it can be hard to get one that isn't just our face and a blur of fur. Now you can use these 5 little known tips, featuring treats, training ideas, and toys to make your pet-fie (duh, a pet selfie) shine.

1. "Burst" Your Bubble

When setting up your phone to take pics of your pet, don't get too cocky in your photo taking abilities. Give yourself some insurance by making sure your burst setting is on. You can concentrate on you and your pet looking good while your camera does all the work. Plus you get more chances for cute pictures if your pet is jumping around.

2. Turn Fido Into a Selfie Master

You can teach dogs to do just about anything, including taking pictures of their adorable puppy faces. Anna Jane of NYC's School for The Dogs figured out how to train dogs to selfie themselves and now you can teach Fido how too!

First put your phone or tablet into a Ziploc bag and put a little bit of peanut butter on it, over where the camera button shows up in selfie mode.

Show your pup the phone and as soon as their nose touches it, use a verbal affirmation like, "Selfie! Good dog!" Then give them a reward of treats, pets, or smooches. Make sure you regularly practice showing them the phone and having them tap it while using the same command – soon they'll associate your phone with a treat and the command with rewards!

Once puppo gets comfortable tapping the phone, phase out the peanut butter and plastic bag; and keep rewarding them when they tap your phone with the "Selfie" command. Then, open up your camera, use the command, and let Fido get to snapping!

3. Patience, Young Selfie Grasshopper

Always be ready to jump at the chance to take a good selfie with your pet. If you've got a busy body buddy, don't try to stifle their free spirit by making them sit for a picture that'll turn out poorly. Wait until they're calmly sitting by the couch or laying on their favorite pillow then get down and join them!

Bonus tip, look to take a selfie with your pet after exercise or a round of play – they're more likely to be tired and thus more likely to sit still and look pretty.

4. The Pooch Selfie Attachment

Is your dog motivated by toys? Or do you have trouble trying taking selfies with multiple dogs? Consider grabbing the Pooch Selfie, an attachment for your smartphone or tablet that fits a squeaky ball that holds your pup's attention for a picture perfect snap. Then the ball turns into a reward for your pup after being so good! No more fumbling with pups and treats and phones. Plus, the attachment works for both front and rear facing cameras for selfies, and portraits, of Pooch. Grab this perfect selfie buddy for $12.99.

5. No Flashing Allowed

Aim for taking pictures in natural lighting (if you're outside, the hour before sunset is the magic hour for lighting) or moving to an area inside that looks nice with the lights on. See how the kitty on the right looks more natural?

It might be tempting to use your phone's flash to bring out your pet's colors, but often, your photo will come out looking harsh because of the difference of subjects – your pet might look great but you'll look blown out, or you might look great but your pet ends up with crazy eyes. Not to mention that flashes can sometimes startle your pet!

Bonus Tip!

When editing pictures of your pooch, don't go too crazy! Look to adjust mainly the contrast, highlights/brightness, and shadows. Adjusting the contrast will help bring out color in your pet's fur without messing with too many other colors in the image; adjusting the highlights in a picture will add some brightness without blowing the image out; and adjusting the shadows can help define your pet a bit more, again, without making you look silly.

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