Tearless Onions? 3 Totally Reinvented Fruits & Veggies

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Meredith Witthar Posted: 10:43 PM, Feb 12, 2018

Looking for a new take on your old veggies? We've got you covered. We're taking the yawn out of your yams and the tedium out of your turnips with these three new takes on your old, boring veggies.  

1. The Cocktail Avocado 

Turns out, there is such a thing as seedless avocados. Seedless means you can avoid the dreaded "avocado hand" injury, which led to so many ER visits in the UK. So many in fact, that the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons wanted to put a safety warning label on all avocados.  

But these hand-saving fruits are just a baby version of the "fuerte avocado" that we know and love. As of now, these cocktail avocados are only being sold in select UK stores. 

2. Sunions 

The dreaded tears problem with onions appears to have been solved. They're bred naturally to have a sweeter taste. You can go now on the Sunions website to see where they're available near you – and kiss those tears goodbye! 

3. Kissabel Apples 

Apples are brightly colored on the outside, but once you take a bite, that color disappears – until now! The Kissabel range includes three types of varieties – a red skin with intense red flesh; an orange skin with bright red flesh; and finally yellow skin with smooth pink flesh. These apples have hit European markets already and are expected to go global in the coming years.  

We all know eating veggies is the healthy choice, but they can be so boring. Adding some pizzazz should make it at least a little bit easier!  

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