Tech 2018: 3 Robot Gadgets to Help You with Hands-Free Cooking

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Posted: 7:02 PM, Jun 18, 2018 Updated: 9:02 AM, Jun 25, 2018

If you're busy in the kitchen and need an extra hand, then keep reading! We’re checking out three hands-free products designed to keep you from using yours.  


1. Hamilton Beach Jar Opener


First on our list is an automatic jar opener. The Hamilton Beach Automatic Jar Opener opens any jar for you. You do have to hold it in place, but the opener does all the heavy lifting. The Hamilton Beach Automatic Jar Opener is available online, and will run you less than $35.


2. MLITER Knife Block


Next, a knife block that frees your hands from cleaning silverware. It sharpens, washes, sterilizes, and dries – which keeps your hands safe. It has room for other silverware, too! The MLITER Knife Block is available online, and costs just under $30.


3. StirMate Smart Pot


Finally, the StirMate Smart Pot stirs pots for you! This handy tool holds a thirteen-hour charge, and works with almost every type of pot and sauce. With that extra hand, the possibilities are endless. The StirMate Smart Pot is available online costs less than $40.


Hands-free is the way to be – and now you’ve got three handy-dandy gadgets to help you do that.


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