Tech: Top 5 Parenting Gadgets of 2018 – Make Parenthood Easier!

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Posted: 11:47 PM, Mar 8, 2018

Parenting tech is making strides in 2018. From helping you get the kids to brush their teeth correctly, to teaching them a sleep routine that sticks, there are several new gadgets that are here to lend you a hand. Here's a list of the top five parenting gadgets you'll want to get your hands on today.

1. Magik by Kolibree 

Getting kids to brush their teeth can seem like a never-ending battle. Not anymore. Magik by Kolibree is the world's first interactive toothbrush that's bringing the fun back into the chore. The toothbrush works through an app that your kids can use while they're brushing their teeth. They see themselves in the app, built like a video game, and it walks them through the process of brushing their teeth and teaches them to do it correctly. Parents are notified as to how well their kids did and their progress. Magik retails for $30.

2. Alexa-Powered Baby Monitor 

Did you know Alexa can help you keep an eye on your precious bundle of joy? The Project Nursery Smart Baby Monitor System is designed to help you with every day parenting tasks – including re-ordering baby wipes; changing the room's temperature; and playing your favorite lullabies. All told, it has over 10,000 skills built into it. Project Nursery offers a Smart Nursery Baby Monitor System with Alexa included for $229. Or if you already have Alexa at home, you can buy the monitor by itself for $149.

3. An Inflatable Trampoline Pool

Summer's coming up and we've got the perfect way to maximize outdoors playing time with your toddler! The Shrunks Inflatable Bouncer Pool is the best of both worlds – it has a soft trampoline that stands at just 15 inches and when you flip it over, it becomes a 13-inch deep pool to relax in. The pool is for ages two, and up and retails for $49.99.

4. The Starling Early Education Wearable

We all know that the more we talk to our babies, the more they learn from us early on. Now you can get the extra help in the start of your child's early education! The Starling Early Education Wearable is basically a clip that pairs with a phone app to keep track of your baby's verbal engagement, motion, noise and even sunlight exposure. It will tell you how many words they've heard during the day, and it can even remind you to talk more when needed. It retails for $150. 

5. A Smart Polar Bear Lamp

This smart polar bear is designed to become your child's best friend and yours too – with all the ways it can help you take the stress off of early teaching. His name is Hyko, and he works through an app you wish you had discovered before. It works as a sleep and wake-up trainer; its light can be adjusted to be a night light or a reading light; and of course it can play fun, interactive games with your child. Hyko is available now for pre-orders only.

Technology doesn't have to be intimidating. It's here to make your life easier, ease the burden of parenthood, and potentially save you some time to do other things. Most importantly, it can give us that peace of mind our sleep-deprived brains desperately need!

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