Temporary Hair Color: 3 Ways to Color Your Hair without Dyeing It

By: Jessica Roberston | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 1:03 PM, Jul 23, 2018

There are a tons of new temporary hair color products out there to help you switch up your look without stripping or dying your hair permanently.  Hair stylist Angela Waters showed us three ways to liven up your locks on a temporary basis.


1. Mofajang Unisex Hair Color Wax

First up is temporary hair color wax by Mofajang! “The thing about wax is sometimes they can be sticky,” says Angela. “And then other products will be a little dry and flakey. This product claims that they don’t do either of those.” Ang adds that there are no sulfates, and the first two ingredients are water and beeswax – so it’s all natural! It’s going to be stiff and sticky until it dries completely – then you brush it out and style. But will it wash right out? The answer is yes!  Mofajang is $24.99 at DavioStore.com.


2. Clip-In Hair Extensions

The next option for temporary hair color extensions that you don’t want to dye? Try clip-in hair extensions! A rainbow of colors is available online or at beauty stores, starting at around $12.95 a package. “A lot of times you want to add some curl, so check the back to make sure you can use some heat,” Ang recommends. Slightly tease the base of the hair to anchor in the extension, then clip them into the root of the hair. Clip-in extensions are super convenient to pop in and take out when you’re done. You can also wash, reuse, and style them!


3. Temporary Hair Color with oVertone Conditioners

Our final way to play with temporary hair color is with overtone conditioners – which are conditioners that contain pigment in them. These work best when used on lighter hair, or to add razzle-dazzle to a permanent dye job. Simply it apply it like regular conditioner – and voila! Kits start at $17 at oVertone.co.


If you’re looking to trick out your tresses, now you’ve got three ways to experiment with temporary hair color.


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