The 12 Weirdest Gifts States Want for Christmas

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By: Frenchie Aguilh | Dave Taylor Posted: 3:44 PM, Nov 1, 2017

Ever look through a holiday gift guide and think, "Who the heck is buying this stuff?" Well, in case you really wanted to know, did the math to answer that question. The site just released their list of The Top Holiday Gift in Every State this year, and we're sharing the most surprising – and sometimes hilarious – ones.

1. Alabama

The top holiday gift in 2018 for The Heart of Dixie? Gorilla Duct Tape…not exactly sure why, but my guess? So people can tape up signs that say, "Alabama isn't as bad as you think" on every "Now Entering Alabama" tourist sign in town.

2. Alaska expects Mega Bloks to be the gift of the holiday season in Alaska. How are kids supposed to learn how to build oil rigs if they don't start early?

3. Arizona

Hydro Flask Stainless Steel Sports Water Bottles are the expected #1 holiday gift for Arizona. I'm chalking this one up to a lot of people new to the state this year realizing just how dehydrating the state can actually be. Really – have you been there? You walk a block in the sun and you feel like Wile E. Coyote seeing roadrunner mirages in the desert.

4. California

The top holiday gift for The Golden State – a NutriBullet High-Speed Blender/Mixer system. You know, because they already bought the juicers they wanted, like, six months ago.

5. Connecticut

This Is Us: Season 1 is the expected top holiday gift for the state of Connecticut. But don't give the season box to everyone you know that lives there. It's the 3rd smallest state by area – and all those show-induced tears flowing through the state could really mess with the roads.

6. Indiana

According to, Fisher-Price's Little People Surprise & Sounds Home will be the top holiday gift in the state of Indiana. You might think it's just because of the kids, but with the Indiana housing market surging to record prices, some adults might just want to feel good about being able to buy a new home – it does come furnished after all.

7. Kentucky

Get ready to take back any preconceived notions you've had about the state of Kentucky. While the state is mostly known for its music and horse derbies, the top holiday gift in the state is expected to be The Sun and Her Flowers – a collection of poetry. I guess looking out over all that bluegrass can really make you think about life and its beauty – bluegrass the plant, that is, not the genre.

8. Minnesota

The top holiday gift for the state of Minnesota – a $50 Steam gift card, which is completely understandable, particularly for those winter months. Would you want to go outside when there's a literal blizzard out there? Of course not. Stay home and play video games. There's no warmth quite like the warmth a new high score can bring your heart.

9. New Jersey

Currently, the sports teams that most Jersey fans root for aren't really doing so well, so it makes sense that the top holiday gift for 2018 in New Jersey would be a copy of FIFA 18. Who needs real life sporting accomplishments when you can make your own? Take that, New York Football Giants.

10. Tennessee

The top holiday gift for Tennessee? A 42-piece set of food storage containers from Rubbermaid. You might laugh from where you're sitting, but have you had food from Tennessee? You won't find food like it anywhere else. I don't visit the state without at least 20 food storage containers in my luggage.

11. Texas

They say everything's bigger in Texas, but do you know how big Texas actually is? It could fit the state of Montana inside of it, or Nevada, Utah, Arizona and California. It's massive, which is why it makes sense that the top holiday gift for the state is the Tile Mate Bluetooth Key Tracker. If you lose your keys in the state of Texas, you'd might as well say goodbye to them forever.

12. Wisconsin

The top holiday gift for the state of Wisconsin: Himalayan Hand Carved Salt Lamps. Yeah, they're soothing and give your home a beautiful glow. But they also look kind of like hunks of cheese, and, I don't know if you know, but Wisconsin's kind of big on cheese…

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