The 3 Basics to Playing Polo Like a Pro

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Jessica Robertson Posted: 6:50 PM, Oct 18, 2017

It's been called hockey on a horse, or golf during an earthquake. It's a 2,000-year-old game that started as preparation for the battlefield, and some might argue it's the very first team sport. Long seen as just for the elite, polo is becoming popular for everyone as neighborhood clubs are popping up. Polo star Ashley Busch got Kristina Guerrero up on a pony and she's sharing three tips to play like a pro.

1.  Learning the Rules

There are four people on each team and there are two goals at either end of a field the length of three football fields. The goal is to hit the ball into the other team's goal. The team that has the most goals at the end of the day wins.

2.  Swinging the Mallet

You can just kind of use your mallet like a pendulum and you hit with the long side of the mallet. You're trying to hit the ball right in the center.

3.  Handling Your Pony

You’re looking for a pony that is quick, agile and can turn on a dime. We do so much running up and down the field, so speed is obviously one important aspect.

Be sure to check out the Bentley Scottsdale Polo Championships, Nov. 11th & 12th at WestWorld of Scottsdale Polo Fields.

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