The 3 Basics When Training a Puppy

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By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 10:35 PM, Nov 2, 2017

If you're a brand new puppy parent then you'll want to get that pooch started on the right paw. Kristina Guerrero and trainer Karen Harrel from Dynamic Dog Training AZ are showing you how to best train those adorable little fur babies.

1. Potty & Crate Training

You should start with only giving water when you're giving food. If you can't keep track of how much water goes in, then you can't keep track of how much comes out. Try spreading their puppy food in the crate and let them eat there. They tend not to go potty where they eat.

2. Leash Training

If you wait to long to put a leash on a puppy, a lot of them will freak out. As soon as you bring them home, hook a leash up and walk around with them. Practice in the house at first where there are fewer distractions.

3. Control Playtime

If there life is all about play then you are training them to be a hyper dog. Schedule playtime and then quiet time. That lets them know that you're controlling the playtime.

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