The 3 best doomsday bunkers in America

Aliens aren't attacking like in 10 Cloverfield Lane, but there's obviously something in the air because 2017 has seen a huge spike in survival shelter sales.

If you're looking for a post-apocalyptic pad, Jared Cotter found three options worth living for.

1.  Rising S Bunkers

Starting at around $40,000, America's biggest steel underground bunker manufacturer will design, build and install one for you anywhere in the world. The base model has features like air filtration, plumbing and battery supplies. Plus your dystopian digs can be upgraded with things like pet kennels or gyms.

2.  Vivos xPoint

This is the largest survival community on earth and has bunkers starting at around $25,000. The complex in South Dakota provides paved roads, plenty of community amenities and a security service.

3.  Survival Condo

If money is no object, this network of former nuclear missile silos in Kansas is the bomb!  The only thing it won't protect you from is the prices. They start at $1.5 million and are all high end silo complexes that are super secure and have a pool, rock climbing wall, theater, general store and more.

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