The 3 best fast food chains to score toys

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By: Teresa Strasser | Todd Covelli Posted: 6:31 PM, May 22, 2017

The drive-thru serves up more than tasty burgers and fries and has for decades now. McDonald’s is actually the world's largest toy distributor! You can relive your childhood with classic toys from movies, pop culture and video game franchises. Teresa Strasser is rolling through the top three spots.

1.  McDonald’s

Back in 1979 McDonald’s turned the drive-thru restaurant into a toy store with the Happy Meal. Here’s a fun tip. You can buy the toys without having purchase a happy meal for $1.

2.  Burger King

The King is always summoning us with nostalgia. From Care Bears to Voltron, they know how to get us coming back for more than just Whoppers. Their promotions normally last for about one month.

3.  Sonic Drive-In

Sonic jumped on bored with a newer fast food toy trend and are offer digital content along with the prize. SCORE!

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