The 3 Best Shops for Holiday Tamales in the US

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By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 6:54 PM, Dec 15, 2017

When it comes to traditional holiday food, tamales take the fruitcake. The delicious Mexican food is one that people can't wait to dive into once December comes, and Kristina Guerrero wanted to know why. So, she went across America to see the country's best tamale spots whose delicious foods are bound to make your mouth water with Christmas cheer.

1. The Tamale Store – Phoenix, AZ

Considered one of the most primo places for holiday tamales in the southwest, The Tamale Store has been slinging the tasty treats since 2008. But before the store opened, their tamale recipes were perfected by chef, mother, and perfectionist, Martha Castillo – so you know they're good. During the holiday season, the Tamale Store makes up to 3,000 tamales – by hand! – every day!

If you walk into the shop, you'll be blown away by the delicious flavors, from  classic green chile with chicken to chicken chipotle, pork red chile, and more! They even have vegetarian tamales – because everyone deserves tamales for the holidays.

2. Mi Tierra Cafe and Bakery – San Antonio, TX

In a city as rich in Mexican culture as San Antonio, Mi Tierra is considered a must-visit when it comes time to celebrate the holidays. The world-famous San Antonio landmark has been a holiday staple since 1941 and even now, it's still slinging delicious, handmade to order tamales every Christmas.

And if you do get a chance to visit the historic cafe, be sure you don't leave before checking out their mouth-watering bakery, featuring treats like pecan pralines and cinnamon-laced Mexican hot chocolate, perfect for warming you up this holiday season.

3. Tamale Spaceship – Chicago, IL.

Why do they call this tamale shop "Tamale Spaceship"? Because their tamale recipes are out of this world. The store takes tamales to another level – experimenting with delicious flavors and add-ins for flavors you won't forget: like their flank steak with black mole and sesame seed tamale, or, their seasonal duck tamale served with dried cranberries! Yum!

The other cool thing about Tamale Spaceship – its love of Luchadores. Before you even enter the building, you'll be greeted by awesome Luchador art, and will definitely get inspired to find a mask of your own – just make sure you put it on after your meal, so you don't drip delicious sauces all over it.

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