The 3 big steps to prepping the Final Four stage

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 1:48 PM, Mar 31, 2017

This year, University of Phoenix stadium in Arizona is hosting the NCAA's Final Four and thousands of fans will be pouring into the city to watch the drama play out on the court. But a lot of drama goes on behind the scenes too! It takes amazing feats of engineering and teamwork to make a championship showdown a reality. Lindsey Granger has got the lowdown on what it takes to transform a high-tech football stadium into a Final Four fantasy.

1. Court Is In Session

The University of Phoenix Stadium is the only stadium in North America with a fully retractable natural grass field. But the stadium doesn't just have a basketball court sitting around, so they got one custom made.

Fun Fact: the sugar maple trees used to make maple syrup are the same trees used to make the Final Four court. Talk about a sweet shot at victory…

2. Raise the Roof

The stadium's roof is also retractable, and translucent, making the hanging of a traditional scoreboard a little tricky. But with the use of beams, cables, and a few steep heights, the stadium crew was able to get the board up in just a week!

3. It Takes A Village

To help get the thousands of fans to the right destinations, the stadium recruited around 3,300 volunteers to do everything from drive courtesy cars to get you to your hotel, even just to greet you when you arrive!

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