The 3 Most Amazing Ping Pong Trick Shots Ever?!

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Posted: 6:39 PM, Nov 11, 2016

YouTube is filled with some epic ping pong trick shots, but the Golden Moustache team has topped all of them with their latest video that is going viral across the web.

Here are the three most amazing ping pong tick shots ever:

1.  Miracle Shot

A double hit to the knees and this guy is up and walking. Wait, is this real?

2.  Who Ya Gonna Call Shot

How did they do that and how did the ping pong know Rihanna's number?

3.  Sun Shot

Now that's a trick shot to end all… LITERALLY! Looks like we were faked out by the Golden Moustache team. Well done.

How far into this viral video did it take you to realize that it's all fake? Let us know on our Facebook page, @TheListShowTV.