The 3 Most Unique Ice Cream Shops in America

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By: Teresa Strasser | Orlando Morales Posted: 5:13 PM, Sep 24, 2017

Ice cream is one of the greatest desserts ever created, but it's time to go beyond the chocolate and vanilla. Today on the Buzz List Teresa Strasser is serving up three of the most unique spots in America to grab a cone.

3.  Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams

They offer smooth buttercream bodied ice creams with unique flavors like Sun-Popped Popcorn, perfect for making what they call a Sundae Board. It’s like a cheese board but with ice cream, sauces and toppings. They have locations nationwide and will even ship their ice cream flavors, sauces and toppings no matter what state you live in.

2.  8 Fahrenheit Ice Cream

This sweet shop specializes in rolled ice cream which was made popular by street vendors in Thailand. The final product looks so cool and they are expanding nationwide, so hopefully to a location near you.

1.  Big Spoon Creamery

It's all about ice cream sandwiches here and they are serving up some crazy-good flavors like Fruity Pebbles. Yabba dabba YUM! You'll have to travel to Birmingham, Alabama to try Big Spoon Creamery.

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