The 3 Smartest Ways to Handle Your Money Online

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By: Jimmy Rhoades Posted: 7:02 PM, Sep 18, 2017

As much as we all love to pay our bills and put gas in our cars with paychecks from work, no one wants to work forever. If you're thinking of your retired future and want to know what you can do now to make sure you're covered later, Jimmy Rhoades and Jean Setzfand from AARP have 3 of the highest rated apps you can use to build your nest egg.

1. Betterment

This financial service boasts being able to help boost returns on your long-term investments by "lowering taxes, fees, and diversifying your portfolio". The site helps you see all of your money, in all of your financial accounts, in one place. Then, the platform analyzes your accounts, making you aware of any fees you might be paying (and shouldn't have to be) and even shows you some hidden fees you might have missed.

2. Wealthfront

This site, and its app, will also help you manage multiple accounts and will build an individualized plan for you and your investments. The site even uses risk assessment algorithms to figure out the level of risk you might be comfortable taking when it comes to investing and making (and saving) more money.

3. AARP's Avo

Don't let Avo's super cute exterior fool you – This roboadvisor from AARP knows just how to take care of your hard-earned money.

When you get set up, Avo will have you answer a few questions about yourself to put together a personalized action plan for you and your money. After it gives you your action steps, Avo will continue to offer you free advice and support to make sure you're staying on track of your money's goals.

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