The 3 Worst Alcohols for Hangovers

By: Jimmy Rhoades | Victor Padilla Posted: 10:10 PM, Dec 22, 2017

There’s a lot to celebrate. Now you can do it without the hangover with these amazing tips and tricks from a professional bartender.

The List caught up with The Phoenician Resort’s resident mixologist Robert Porter to get the merlot-down on alcohols to avoid.

1. Avoid Sweet Drinks

Sugar isn’t so sweet when it comes to the aftermath of partying. “Sugar is kind of the enemy when we’re talking about hangovers,” Robert tells The List. Nixing sugar can be as easy as knowing how to pick the right bubbly. Robert’s advice? Stick to dry champagnes – dry meaning the absence of sugar. “[T]he less amount of sugar means your body is going to be able to process it better.” On your next liquor run, look for labels like “brut” and “dry” on the packaging, while skipping bottles labeled “doux” and “demi-sec”, which mean they’re the sweetest.

2. Avoid Dark Liquor

Dodge the dark stuff, and step into the light! Dark booze contains chemicals that will leave your brain throbbing in agony called congeners. “What that does is make it harder for your body to process,” warns Robert. “So they’ll conjure a hangover is what they’ll do.” Instead, choose clear spirits like vodka, rum, gin and silver tequilas – anything light! Next time you’re craving a coke and Jack Daniels, go for vodka with club soda instead.

3. Avoid Red Wine

Here’s the red alert on red wines, which contain headache-inducing preservatives called sulfites. “With wine, particularly dark wine, you’re going to have sulfites,” Robert shares. “It’s used to keep wine from spoiling, [and] also from turning into vinegar.” Luckily for us, companies like Üllo have created microfilters that remove sulfites and other allergens. Not only do these filters expel impurities, but they also aerate the wine and enhance its flavor. The perfect stocking stuffer!

Hopefully the only headaches you’ll have to deal with this holiday season are your in-laws. A drink would probably alleviate that problem!

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