The 4 Most Creative Holiday Trees Across America

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Meredith Witthar Posted: 4:00 PM, Dec 12, 2017

While some of us love to put up classic firs in our living rooms, decorated with the usual tinsel and strings of light, there's definitely more than one way to spruce up a tree for the holidays. But, four places across the country take dressing the tree to levels of unseen creativity, and Kristina Guerrero's showing you where.

1. The LEGO Tree – Carlsbad, CA

If you know someone who loves LEGO bricks, then you've got to take them to see this marvel of a tree. Made by Master Model Builders and located at LEGOLAND CALIFORNIA, the tree stands at 30 feet tall. And the LEGO tree doesn't just look incredible during the day – every year, after dark, a Lighting ceremony is held, illuminating the tree with with1,000 colorful lights and bulbs – a real sight to see.

2. The Holiday Cactus – Las Vegas, NV

No place knows how to pizzazz something up like the city of Las Vegas and the city's passion for the glamorous doesn't take a holiday for the holidays. Meet the Holiday Cactus at the Ethel M. Chocolate Factory – a garden lit up with over one-million lights and festive decorations and sculptures, during the Christmas season.

Apparently, the garden originally started as a small patch of vegetation, but it grew and grew since 1981 and now spans up to three acres! Maybe the secret to healthy plants is annual Christmas cheer…

3. The Tumbleweed Tree – Chandler, AZ

Who says you need snow for a cheerful Christmas? Heck, who says you even need a real tree! The Tumbleweed Tree in Arizona is a "tree", standing 30 feet tall, and made of – well – tumbleweeds. The tree has stood in Chandler since 1957, when city leaders at the time wanted new decoration ideas for the holidays. And since then, every year, city dwellers and visitors alike can head downtown and watch the tree get lit up by over 1,000 holiday lights.

If this tree doesn't say "Christmas in the Desert", nothing does.

4. The Singing Tree – Muskegon, MI

There's singing Christmas carols in a choir – and then there's this. The Singing Tree is made up of over 200 high school choir students, singing in a 60 foot tall, steel Christmas tree decorated with lights, bows, all the bells and whistles. The performance has become so popular, that thousands of people come from all over to catch a glimpse of the incredible performance.

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