The 4 Scariest Places Up For Sale

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By: Laurel Portie Posted: 6:58 PM, Oct 27, 2016

American Horror Story is in full swing and some of us can experience the real thing! Even though the famous "Murder House" featured in the show was just sold… you CAN spend the night inside via AirBnB for around $1,500 a night.  But… here are four real-life horror story destinations that you can own, right now.

1.  The Amityville Horror House

This is the house that inspired a best-selling book and two films titled The Amityville Horror. A 23 year old man was convicted of killing his parents and siblings inside the house. He swears voices in the home made him do it. After that, other tenants claim to hear voices and smell strange odors. There have been a total of 7 deaths in the house.

2.  Santa Claus Ghost Town

This Christmas themed town called Santa Claus can be found on Arizona’s highway 93 south of Hoover Dam.  Back in the day, parents would send Christmas cards to the town’s post office to be re-mailed with the Santa Claus, Arizona postmark. Though this place isn’t considered haunted, it’s SUPER creepy to visit!

3.  Los Feliz Holiday Murder House

This house was the scene of one of Los Angeles's most bizarre and macabre murders. In 1959, a doctor killed his wife and then committed suicide. A family bought the house soon after, but abruptly left without giving any reason.  The house has been untouched since the ‘60s. The real estate listing only has a photo of the outside of the home, and from a safe distance.

4.  Eloise Mental Asylum

It was the largest asylum in the country (it had its own zip code) and was the first to perform lobotomies.  People have seen all types of ghosts, but mainly a woman in white. Others say they’ve heard the screams and moans of the spirits & tortured souls of deceased mental patients.

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