The 5 most controversial Carl’s Jr. commercials to go viral

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Posted: 8:37 PM, Mar 31, 2017

The popular fast food chain Carl's Jr. has become known for their sexual ads featuring women in tiny bikinis – with the focus being less on the product they are actually selling… the burger! In a brilliant marketing switch to appeal to a wider audience they have decided to get back to the basics and focus on the food. Meet the new face of Carl's Jr., Carl Sr. In the first commercial he’s cleaning house and you can check it out below.

These series of ads are sure to be a huge success, but let's not forget about the past. Here's our list of the top five most controversial Carl's Jr. commercials to go viral.

1.  Kate Upton's Southwest Patty Melt Commercial

She's best known for being on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues, but she took her hotness to the next level in this spot that went instantly viral all over the internet after it aired during the Super Bowl in 2012.

2. Paris Hilton's Spicy BBQ Burger Commercial

In 2005 the hotel heiress, model and DJ made headlines of a different kind. Paris rolled around at the car wash, soaking wet, all while chowing down a burger and the world was talking. This one was so popular that they even brought her back in 2014 for another risqué spot with model Hannah Ferguson.

3. Sara Underwood & Emily Ratajkowski's Memphis BBQ Burger Commercial

These popular models brought the heat to the Memphis BBQ Cookoff back in 2012. Almost too much! Maybe this is where singer Robin Thicke first saw Emily. She went on to star in his controversial “Blurred Lines” music video.

4. Charlotte McKinney’s All-Natural Burger Commercial

Naturally this one starring model Charlotte McKinney was almost too hot for TV. They had to edit it so it could air during the Super Bowl in 2015. We almost forgot what Carl’s Jr. was even selling here, but the ad was a major success with millions of people watching it over and over again on YouTube.

5. Kim Kardashian’s Chick Salad Commercial

Before Kanye West this socialite and television personality rolled around on a bed with a salad and we were all green with envy, and some haters were probably a little red to see Kim getting this kind of attention. It’s been said that she turned down eating a burger in this 2009 spot because she was promoting a fitness DVD.

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