The 9 Most Weirdly Impressive World Records Ever

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By: Teresa Strasser | Orlando Morales | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 7:45 PM, Dec 6, 2017

Guinness World Record holders are inspiring – not just because they work hard to make history – but also because a lot of them prove that anyone can do something extraordinary – literally – anyone. In honor of those inspirational record breaking mavericks, we're showing you 10 of our favorite crazy, super cute, delicious, and hilarious records that just might inspire you to show off your hidden talents too.

1. Most Slam Dunks Done by A Rabbit in Under a Minute

If there's any animal in the animal kingdom that's got jumps – it's a rabbit. So, Bini the bunny had no problem dunking on his mini hoop 7 times in under 60 seconds. Apparently, this baller bunny was no stranger to dunkin' thanks to the fact that he liked to play basketball every night before going to sleep. Practice makes perfect, right? But that's not all Bini knows how to do. He's also an excellent painter – and is officially more talented than me.

2. Dog with the Longest Tongue

You'd better bring a towel if you want this record-breaking dog to give you kisses! Mochi the St. Bernard was awarded the record of "Longest Tongue on a Dog" this year, thanks to her 7.3 inch long licker. That's like a deli sandwich sized tongue!

Adopted from the Big Dogs Huge Paws rescue home when she was two, Mochi goes to show how extraordinary rescue pups can be. Her owner Carla said that she hopes Mochi's world record will bring attention to others about "how much joy rescued animals can bring to their family". Well, joy, and a little bit (or a lot) of slobbery smooches.

3. Most Tricks Performed by a Cat in Under a Minute

If you've got a lazy cat at home that insists it can't learn tricks because it's a feline, just show it this video of Didga the cat. This smart little tabby is a trick cat superstar and won her World Record title by doing 24 tricks in under 60 seconds – one of which was doing a real life skateboard trick.

I know humans who can't sit and stay, let alone ride a skateboard like a pro. If you ask me, Didga also deserves the world record for being the "Coolest Cat Ever".

4. Largest Vegan Cake

To raise awareness about veganism, vlogger Therese Lindgren gathered her friends and decided they were going to make the world's largest vegan cake. To make it, the group used around 196 pounds of yogurt, 98 pounds of sugar, 78 pounds of strawberries, and 137 pounds of semolina, a flour made from durum wheat. When finished, the cake, made in 11 pound slabs, baked 10 at a time, measured at a total of 1019 pounds and 6 oz.

And soon, we're sure any of the 2,000 that got to try the cake is bound to win the Guinness record for "Most Times One Person Mentioned How Much Better Vegan Cake is Than Non-Vegan Cake and How It's Sooo Much Better For You".

5. Largest Hula Hoop Spun

As impressive as this world record is, watching it in the process of being achieved is just hilarious. Japanese performer Yuya Yamada set the world record for "Largest Hula Hoop Spun", in regular hula hoop fashion, by spinning a 16 foot, 10 inch hoop, six times. "Hoopman Yu-Ya" created the aluminum hoop himself, and as crazy as it looks to accomplish, he nailed it.

6. Longest Lady Legs

This year, Russian model, Ekaterina Lisina joined the world record holder club when her glorious gams got her the "Longest Legs, Female" record. Her record-kicking legs officially measure at 52.2 inches on the left, and 52 inches on the right, giving her, not only the "Longest Legs, Female" world record, but also the world record for "Tallest Professional Model" at 6'8. But Ekaterina's legs aren't just for looking good in designer clothes.

Before pursuing her dream of becoming a fashion model, her long legs also helped her play basketball professionally and took her all the way to the Olympics, where she won a bronze medal! Aside from never having to ask anyone to get something off the highest shelf in her home, Ekaterina also says that another great perk of having long legs is being able to walk faster than others, which anyone whose ever walked on a city sidewalk can definitely be jealous of.

7. Tallest Cat

But it's not just the ladies that can score world records with their long legs. One feline from Ferndale, Michigan won the world record for "Tallest Living Domestic Cat". Arcturus, the Savannah cat, measures at 19.1 inches. The cat is so big, it uses a medium dog sized doggy door to get outside!

And before you try to tell us that his size isn't that impressive, consider that the average cat is about 12-13 inches tall, and if you were to translate Arcturus' size into human proportions, he would be equal to a 10 foot human! But he's not the only feline at Lauren and Will Powers' home that's earned itself a Guinness World Record….

8. Longest Cat Tail

Meet Cygnus, Arcturus' cat brother, and holder of the Guinness record for "Longest Tail on a Living Domestic Cat". What are the Powers' feeding these felines! The Silver Maine Coon's tail measures at a crazy 17.58 inches, and is so much longer than the cat's body that his owners say he's always getting his tail into things accidentally.

But the fame hasn't gone to either of the cats' heads – not because of their humility – the cats are just so big, it would take fame too long to get there.

9. Fastest Time to Travel in A Contortion Roll

Need inspiration to get back into yoga, or into stretching in general? Chinese contortionist Liu Teng might be the kick in the rear you need to work on almost kicking your self in the head.

The 25 year old performer rolled her way into the Guinness Book of Records by traveling 65 feet, in a feet over heels contortion roll, in 15.54 seconds, beating the previous record of 17.47 seconds. Teng's achievement is rad by itself, but it's also an awesome reminder of how any of us can do anything we put our minds too, as long as we're willing to stretch a bit for it…

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