The Benefits of Boudoir Photography

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By: Cindy Castillo | Kristina Guerrero | Adapted for Web By Dave Hanson Posted: 4:36 PM, Sep 20, 2022 Updated: 10:07 AM, Sep 21, 2022

When some people hear the words “boudoir photography,” they might get a little uncomfortable. But it turns out it’s something a lot of folks can really enjoy and even learn from. We talked to boudoir photographer Elisa Valdes about how it can be an experience that lets you celebrate the skin you’re in…. It’s all about how you approach it.

It’s all about loving yourself

Time to erase the stigma that boudoir photography is for your husband or your significant partner — it’s about celebrating you, and the joy you bring the world and yourself. It’s all about helping you find your inner goddess.

It helps you ‘check in with your body’

It doesn’t matter if you’ve had kids, and you feel like your body isn’t what it used to be — remember that you’re still a butterfly. Make peace with who you see in the mirror — and celebrate the fact that you’re a mom who created life, or you’re a woman who’s had a career, lived your life, and given those around you a better life. Embrace that power, and use it to tackle your fears.

Find your comfort zone.

If you’re more comfortable in pajamas, wear them. Find the side of your face you prefer, and the angles you like, and trust your photographer. Do what makes you feel most confident.

Enjoy the long-term effects.

When you see the results — you being comfortable, photographed by a pro — you’ll marvel at the results. That’s the fun of the experience — someone else finding an aspect of you that you may have forgotten was there. It probably won’t be what you expected at all, but that empowering burst of confidence is a feeling you may never forget.