The best cities for good weather in America

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By: Donna Ruko | Kristina Guerrero | Orlando Morales Posted: 9:39 PM, Jun 5, 2017

Not all cities in the U.S. have what a lot of us crave the most and that is great weather. If the place you call home is way too cold in the winter, or way to hot in the summer listen up because Donna Ruko and Kristina Guerrero have three of their favorite places to live in America with great weather.

1.  Memphis, Tennessee

They have an average of 53 days below freezing, and 68 days above 90 degrees… And of course you know it is Elvis Presley’s hometown.

2.  Tulsa, Oklahoma

They have about 76 days below freezing and 73 days above 90. It’s also a growing foodie city!

3.  Greenville, South Carolina

They have 61 days below freezing, 40 days above 90 and it's in foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains so there are gorgeous views everywhere you look.

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