The Best Facial Hair for You Based on Your Zodiac

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By: Ally Flahive | Segun Oduolowu | Jim Ventura Posted: 2:33 PM, Nov 17, 2020 Updated: 2:32 PM, Nov 20, 2020

Astrologer Jim Ventura shares ideas on what kind of facial hair to grow based on your zodiac sign!



Air sign Libra likes to keep things even, avoid extremes, and strive for balance. Libra might like the simple, clean look of a shaved face. They will pretend otherwise but they do like to look good! Libras are creative types of people with a strong sense of expressive style. A full beard is likely to be well-trimmed if they have one. If they do go with stubble it is likely to be light stubble, as they are not heavy handed. Maybe even a bit of playful fun like an English mustache if they decide to have one at all.



Water sign Scorpio likes to draw you in and often has quite a bit of sex appeal. They frequently have strong jawlines and a bit of a brooding look. They would happily go with the 5 o’clock shadow look (think of Jon Snow from Game of Thrones), or maybe even push the envelope a bit with a full beard, or even the Wolverine look. Long sideburns could work here or possibly a soul patch to match their expressive souls!



Fire sign Sagittarius is an adventurous sign. The storyteller is likely to have a story and a bit of adventure even in the expression of facial hair. A more relaxed look is often a pull. Something without too much maintenance. Maybe an extended goatee, full beard, or some long sideburns. At the very least Sagittarius will go with interesting.



Earth sign Capricorn leans more toward a conservative look. They will put in a bit of work to make their hair look fine-tuned. A corporate beard would be appropriate. They may go for the clean look or just a simple well-trimmed mustache. The sign of the goat may actually go with an actual goatee!



Air sign Aquarius, ruled by eccentric planet Uranus, may push the limits a bit, especially when younger. You may see a “man bun” on their head and even things like a fu manchu, soul patch or a full goatee. They will more likely go for a far cleaner look when they get older. Maybe a corporate beard or well trimmed light stubble. They are always unique in whatever phase.



Water sign Pisces, like all mutable signs, can go in all kinds of different directions. Often they have larger eyes and a rounder face. They may experiment with a neck beard, natural mustache, full beard or even a handle bar. They have shifting styles so they can be harder to pin down, but they will clean it up and go for a cleaner look if need be.



Fire sign Aries likes to take the lead. They are known for standing out in a crowd. Aries can be more inclined to play with something a bit more daring. Maybe the Klingon, long side burns, or a handle bar mustache. They’ll bring notice to their faces whichever direction they go!



Earth sign Taurus is infinitely practical in most areas of life. Similar to Scorpio, they can have a sexy look, although it is often a bit more relaxed. Possibly a full goatee, well-trimmed of course, would work for them. A natural mustache would be good expression for Taurus, too. They might also go through a period of a full beard or goatee as long as it’s not too much work. The truly hardworking Taurus types might even go for a cooperate beard.



Air sign Gemini is mutable so they can go in a lot of directions. Gemini is often on the pulse of things and might have some media savvy. They are likely open to a variety of exploration like the rap industry standard: full beard and goatee. They might also go in another direction with 5 o’clock shadow or clean-shaved, often catching or creating what is up-and-coming.




Water sign cancer is inclined to go with what is most comfortable and softer looking: light stubble, goatee, or even a natural mustache. Many do like a bit of comfortable facial hair so even a full beard. They gravitate to a look that is more casual.



Fiery Leo is often noted for a bit of showmanship. They like to radiate creatively! The really creative ones might go with a full goatee, the fu manchu, or even a handle bar mustache for a true playful performance. Leos are playful signs but often consistent in their styles. A horse shoe mustache could be fun. Many Leo men simply go for the clean look to shine their infinite light with no facial hair at all!



Earth sign Virgo is going to go practical with a clean meticulous look although they may creatively play with some different styles since they are a mutable sign. More often than not they will go with a trim, even look and a clean shaved face is likely. Rarely will they go with too much hair or a straggly untrimmed beard. Yet Virgo may surprise and try something even occasionally rebellious to experiment with a different look like a full mustache and beard. Generally, they will eventually go back to looking crisp and not get too showy in whatever facial hair styles they go with because practicality wins out.


And now you know which face fuzz might suit you best based on your zodiac!