The Best Generic Gadgets of 2016

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Cassarah Coffey Posted: 8:21 PM, Sep 13, 2016

We all love name brands — especially when it comes to gadgets. But thanks to tech advances, you can go generic and get great features at affordable prices. Bradley Hasemeyer has three of the best you can buy.

1.  DB Power Action Camera

GoPro is the best-known action camera, but at about $350, your re-action to the price might be shock. But there are off-brand options that offer HD quality at bargain prices. For about $50, the DB Power gets you the camera and a slew of accessories, including everything you need to get wet. And with a built-in screen and Wi-Fi connectivity, you can keep an eye on the picture and quality.

2.  Misfit Flash & Moov Now

At over $100, the Fitbit can take a fat bite out of your wallet. The Misfit Flash offers basic options for only $25 and the Moov Now has impressive features for about $60.

3.  Amazon Fire

Looking for a tablet? An iPad Air or iPad Mini 4" start at around $400, but you can cut costs with non-Apple alternatives like the Amazon Fire. For about $50 bucks you get 8 gigs of fun that you can expand to 128 gigs. It allows you to snap pics, get online and even play games. Prime members can unlock more with Amazon Music, video streaming and underground apps.

These three gadgets will keep you on top of the tech trends, and not bust your wallet.

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