The Best Holiday Gifts for Every Zodiac Sign

Astrologist Jim Ventura shares the best holiday gifts for each sign of the zodiac.



Sagittarius people are adventurous, philosophical, and often like to explore and travel. They’d love gifts related to travel, cool imported gifts from other cultures (especially places they already visited or plan on visiting!), a concert or event, books, or even a new journal. Think adventurous and fun gifts that will make a great story for them to share. Avoid gifts that are cliche and boring in their eyes, like socks and sheets.



Capricorn people are hard-working, practical, and grounded. Gifts ideas likes a housekeeping gift certificate, useful home gifts, tech items, an organizer, restaurant gift cards, or even gardening equipment would suit them well. Think practical and thoughtful. Avoid gifts that might make them socially uncomfortable or force them to take off from work if they aren’t ready.



Aquarius people are forward-thinking, unique, and original. Gifts like a donation to an important charity, fun gadgets like a new wireless speaker, anything connected to their goals, or a personalized notebook will be appreciated. Think useful and a possibly a little eccentric too; fun stuff can work. Avoid anything that might be too repetitive like fruit of the month.



Pisces people are adaptable and often have a lot of different interests. They can be quite practical but love things that help them escape to recharge. Consider creative gifts like a paint set, candles, incense, a concert with the music they love. Or something to trigger their spiritual sides like a yoga retreat, or even angel cards or another type of oracle. Avoid things that are course or insensitive.



Aries people are original, pioneering, and trail blazers. Consider gifts like bold accessories, a great scarf or hat, performance or concert tickets, or a favorite cologne or perfume. Think something that is action oriented like workout equipment, rock climbing or other fun adventures. Avoid gifts that are not suited to them specifically.



Taurus people are sensual, grounded, and hard-working. Gifts that are tasty like fine wines, chocolates, or restaurant gift cards are splendid options. Designer clothes or even practical tasteful furniture or art will work as well. Avoid gifts that are impractical or too far off their normally tread comfortable paths.



Gemini people have sharp minds and enjoy learning. Often lots of different things appeal to them since they are a mutable sign. They love what is new and up and coming and things that stimulate their minds. Journals, specific gifts connected to their hobbies, puzzles, gadgets, apps, or maybe even a cooking class make excellent ideas. Avoid gifts that are too mushy, or have too many parts to them.



Cancer people are sensitive, caring, and service oriented. Gifts that are hand made, crafts, photo albums, or anything comfortable for the home will work. Jewelry, essential oil diffusers or even a spa treatment are thoughtful gifts for Cancer. Make it come from the heart, as they need nurturing too. Avoid gifts that don’t feel like any thought went into it.



Leos are proud, confident, creative and sometimes a bit of a showoff, so gift buying leaves lots of options. They have champagne tastes, so bar wear or cool and funny mugs will light them up. A star sign necklace, comfy turkish robe fit for a king, portrait of a lion, brand new streaming device, or a fancy phone case are great ideas. Avoid gifts that are routine and boring or might just simply seem common or required no real thought.



Virgo people are practical and sometimes fussy in the best sense of that word! Gifts that are useful, practical but beautiful decor, a gift card, games to play and solve, kitchen gadgets, and functional furniture or home accents are sure to please. They love learning, and anything specific connected to a hobby or thing they already love will go over well. Avoid gifts that just make no sense, or require to much work to put together.



Libra people are balanced, capable of healthy compromise, and often have fine tastes. Gifts that are romantic, new sheets, decorative candles, and things for their home that look nice, art, trips together, gift card to a restaurant, even jewelry or a couples massage (or solo one) will do. Avoid gifts that are too tech-based or course.



Scorpio people are curious, intense, and often love a good mystery. Gifts that are sensual, cool and interesting like oversized glasses, books or videos about subjects they enjoy, an astrology chart, a murder mystery game, or some other interesting thing to puzzle over are great ideas. Emphasize their sexy side with stylish clothing. Avoid gifts that feel like no thought went into it, or things that they have simply never shown an interest in.

If you’re in need of holiday gift ideas, now you’ve got some perfect picks for each sign of the zodiac!