The Complete Guide to Target’s Top 29 Toys of 2017

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Jared Cotter | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 11:03 PM, Sep 19, 2017

If you're as big of a fan of Target as we are here at The List, then get ready to drop everything. The big box store just released their list of the Top 29 toys of the year. So if you're someone that likes to get a jump on the holiday gift shopping season, check out some of the coolest items you can pick up for a lucky boy or girl this holiday season – or for yourself – we don't judge.

1. Nintendo Switch

Everyone's been talking about it and now you can get your hands on it at Target for $300. The big box store is also your one stop shop for Switch accessories like games and controllers. They've even got a special Super Mario Odyssey package that will give you the Switch console, controllers, carrying case, screen protector, and the download code for the new Super Mario Odyssey game for around $380.

2. L.O.L Big Surprise Ball

If your kids are a big fan collecting L.O.L Surprise! dolls, they'll love this surprise ball. Each ball has a different L.O.L. surprise for fans to reveal and see how many they can collect. Pick up a special surprise at Target for around $70.

3. Beat Bugs Musical Submarine

This Target exclusive is perfect for parents that want their kids to start listening to good music early. This little sub plays three songs from the Beat Bugs TV show: "Yellow Submarine", "All You Need is Love", and "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and features lots of colorful fun for kids and adults alike! Grab one for around $25.

4. Playskool Friends Tickle Me Elmo

Elmo is back with the giggling fun with his newly redesigned Tickle Me Elmo doll. This new Tickle Me toy has been updated with funny phrases and different laughs, not to mention he'll get you giggling with his even more contagious giggling and shaking. Bring Elmo home this holiday by picking him up for around $30.

5. Lego Star Wars BB-8

Perfect for the Star Wars fan of any age, this Lego set lets you build your own BB-8 from scratch! Intended to be built for display, this 1,106 piece set features authentic details, an opening hatch, and a wheel-activated rotating head. It also comes with a display stand, fact plaque, and even a mini BB-8 to take with you wherever you go! Pick this set up for around $100.

6. Star Wars Force Link BB-8 Mega Playset

If you want to do more playing with your BB-8, check out this playset! Not only does it look just like everyone's favorite round droid, it's even more exciting inside!

This BB-8 opens up into a full, multi-level playset featuring a firing canon and collapsing deck. It even comes with mini Star Wars character action figures! The force will certainly be with you when you pick up this awesome set, only at Target, for around $200.

7. Meccano Erector M.A.X. Robotic Interactive Toy with AI

Speaking of robots, if you know someone who's wanted one of their own, consider getting them M.A.X! You can program M.A.X to do anything, and even build him to look like anything. Plus he features a trivia game you can access, can remind you of events, and tells you some jokes!

A perfect toy for helping kids gain interest in S.T.E.M programs, M.A.X is also an awesome friend that can follow you around anywhere, even avoiding obstacles in its path. Get your engineering fun on a roll with this little robot by picking it up for around $150.

8. Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn First Words Smart Puppy

This pup is the perfect pal for babies and toddlers. Not only is it bright and colorful to help teach babies about colors, shapes, and counting, it also features 3 smart stages levels that grow with your baby! Get the learning fun started early by picking up this toy for around $40.

9. Hatchimals Surprise Egg

Did you miss out on taking part of the Hatchimals craze? Then don't miss out on the new Hatchimals Surprise egg! What's inside? You'll only find out when you get one, exclusively at Target, for around $70.

10. Melissa & Doug Deluxe Star Diner

Go out to eat in the comfort of your own home with this Deluxe Star Diner Restaurant. This wooden diner space features a kitchen on one side and booth to serve to on the other. Kids can whip up anything with the set's oven, stovetop, and grill, and more and visitors to the diner can spin dials on a jukebox and send compliments to the chef through the set's pass-through shelf. It even comes with 25 accessories like menus, place settings, and cookware! Get your dine on with this playset for around $200.

11. Moonlite Bedtime Story Projector

Make bedtime an adventure with this projector you can attach to your mobile phone! Once you put it on, you'll be able to insert several different bedtime or educational story reels, and project them on any flat surface! Take the love of reading to a new level with Target's Moonlite Story Projecter for around $25.

12. Marvel Homecoming Super Sense Spider-Man Action Figure

This Target exclusive is one of the coolest Spider-Man toys on the market and the perfect spidey companion for webslinging fans. Not only does he come with 4 missiles and web fluid for his web cannon, he also tells jokes, and responds to voice commands with more than 100 phrases. Get your spidey senses to Target to pick up this action figure for around $100.

13. Shopkins Shoppies Super Mall

Your kids spend enough time at the mall, so bring the mall home! This is Shopkins' largest playset to date and it's got plenty of room for kids to play at the boutique, the food court, and more. The playset even comes with 4 exclusive Shopkins! Hit the mall, in your living room, by picking up this toy for around $80.

14. Fisher-Price Think & Learn Teach 'n Tag Movi

Stimulate your toddler and get them moving with this little robot that loves to play. Movi features 360 degrees of mobility, meaning he can follow your toddler around all day without getting tired; and he has 3 modes of play to keep your child dancing, moving, and thinking critically by giving them trivia, directions, and more! Pick up Movi for a child you love for around $45.

15. Bonk Board Game

Tired of the old standard board games in the game closet? Change things up with this rolling ricochet game. You'll aim to roll steel balls into your chute for points, while trying to knock a wooden ball into your opponents goal to make sure they lose. Get competitive with this game, sold exclusively at Target, for $60.

16. Nerf Rival Phantom Corps Hera MXVII-1200

If you're a big fan of NERF battles, then we've got a new weapon for you to add to your arsenal. This blaster comes with a 12 round magazine of NERF brand ammo and features motorized, rapid-fire blasting. Perfect for your next Nerf Battle, this blaster even boasts being able to fire rounds 100 feet per second with NERF Rival accuracy. Become untouchable at your next NERF battle by grabbing this blaster for around $60.

17. Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Transforming Vehicle

The Paw Patrol is on a roll and now you can help them save Baby Octopus by using their transforming Sea Patroller! The sweet rescue ride comes equipped with flashing lights, Paw Patrol sounds, and even a detachable anchor!

And once your water rescue adventure is over, transform your rescue boat into a rescue ATV! (Just remember, boat mode or land mode, the toy is for use on dry land only!) Pick up the Sea Patroller for around $60.

18. My Little Pony: My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle

If you know someone that's a huge MLP fan, they'll definitely want to be friends with the new Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle toy. This real life friend can move her heads and hooves, say 90 phrases to you, and even light up her horn! She even can pose while standing or sitting, however you want to play with her! Pick her up for around $130.

19. Cars 3 Ultimate Florida Speedway Trackset

If you're a big Cars film fan, than you'll cheer for this movie-inspired speedway trackset. The track is 5 feet long and features themed play areas, a motorized booster for propelling cars around the track, and even has flags pop up when a car wins it all! The playset even comes with a car to get your adrenaline pumping as soon as you unbox it. Get your kicks on this speedway by picking it up for around $100.

20. Barbie Dream Camper Playset

Take your Barbies on an unforgettable vacation by getting them a new camping RV. This camper unfolds into a campsite play set featuring a pool and water slide, a dining table, fire pit, and more! Hit the open road with Barbie by grabbing the Dream Camper playset for around $95.

21. Our Generation Healthy Paws Vet Clinic

If you know a kid that loves Our Generation Dolls and has dreams of being a vet, this vet clinic set is the perfect gift for them. The set includes everything a budding veterinarian would need, from the vet clinic itself, to the waiting room on the other side, an exam table, thermometer, pet posters and more! Get this set for the animal-loving kid in your life for around $100, only at Target.

22. Little Live Pets Smooch My Dream Kitten

Speaking of pets, put that "Can we get a kitty?" conversation to rest with Little Live Pets' newest pet, Cuddles.

This cat moves and acts just like a real kitty, from purring at you to meowing for pets. She even comes with everything you need to take care of your pet, from a little food bowl, to a fancy collar; you can even prove she's yours with an included adoption certificate. Bring Cuddles home for the kitty-lover in your life for around $55.

23. Laser X Gaming Set

Don't spend cash on expensive laser tag outings – bring the fun home with this laser tag gaming set! The set comes with everything 2 opponents need, from blasters, to light up effects tracking your hits, and even a voice coach that gives you pointers as you play! Pick up the set for around $45.

24. Operation Escape Room Game

If your family loves puzzles and escape room challenges, you can show off your problem-solving skills at home with this escape game! The game challenges your team to complete 3 tasks to set a captured player free – all before time runs out. Bring some new fun to game night with this captivating board game by picking it up for around $30.

25. Jetson Jupiter Light-Up Kick Scooter

If you know a little one that's always on the go, help them get there faster with this light up scooter. This cruiser features over 100 LED lights on the handlebar, wheels, and deck, keeping your rider looking cool any time – not to mention they'll be safe with its featured rear fender brakes. Get your kids to hit the road with this cruiser for around $30.

26. Lego Friends Sunshine Catamaran

The fun never ends with your Lego friends, especially on this party boat! The 3-level catamaran also features a personal water scooter and banana boat, plus 3 mini-doll figures and 2 dolphin figures! Kids can even take off the top of the boat to reveal the living quarters and clear bottom. The fun won't end once you pick up this boat for around $70.

27. Hot Wheels Super Ultimate Garage Playset

Any fan of Hot Wheels will definitely be a fan of this super garage set  the biggest Hot Wheels playset ever. The tall parking garage makes for easy storage of over 140 cars and even features play zones like a drive-up diner and car wash. The phone will be going from 0-60 when you pick up this set, being sold for around $200.

28. Luvabella Interactive Baby Doll

These responsive baby dolls are so real, your child might start talking to you about daycare advice! The more you play with baby Luvabella, the more she learns. The doll can learn over 100 words and phrases and can be fed, burped, and loved, just like a real life baby! Pick up this little cutie for around $100.

29. Jetson Beam Light-Up Electric Scooter

Get your kid cruising in style with this electric scooter. The scooter features lights on the handlebar, front stem, and back wheels, and even features a kickstand for stylish hanging. Get riding with this Target exclusive being sold for $300.

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