The fascinating new world of the service robot revolution

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By: Jared Cotter | Todd Covelli Posted: 7:01 PM, Aug 14, 2017

Pretty much any basic service these days can be replaced by artificial intelligence. From parking your car to getting a prescription filled or keys made, it's all about efficiency and robots are now intelligent enough to handle these jobs. Jared Cotter has more on the service robot revolution.

1. KeyMe Kiosk

It handles your entire key making needs and no human is necessary. If you choose to, you can actually store a digital copy of the key in the cloud and it's accessible via the kiosk or the app and if you aren't in a rush you order through the app. It will arrive in two days.

2. Self-Parking Valet

We already have self-driving cars so why not a self-parking valet? Mercedes hopes to automate the parking process in the very near future. You will simply pull up to a designated spot, hit a button on their app and the car parks itself in sensor equipped garages.

3. Pharmacy Kiosk

Now there’s an entire pharmacy in a vending machine and it’s called the Banner RX Box. Banner Health’s Michael Young says there's a team of pharmacists and technicians behind the scene in a call center that validate every single prescription that comes through and the technology is all about bringing the pharmacy to the patient. This cool kiosk is stocked with up to 900 different medications and you get them fast. Five to seven minutes is about the average that it takes.

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