The Force is Strong with These 3 New Star Wars Toys

Recently Star Wars fans celebrated Force Friday, a day were new Star Wars products for their upcoming movie are released. Kristina Guerrero got her hands on some of the best and tried them out. Here are three new toys both young and young at heart will love. May the force be with you!

1.  BB-9E & R2-D2 RC Droids

You control them with your smartphone, however some are easier to drive than others. If these are the droids you're looking for they start at around $150.

2.  Hero Droid BB-8

Standing at 19 inches tall, you drive it with a remote control. Just be careful because this awesome droid will follow you. This one will cost you around $230.

3.  Star Wars Battle Drones

This is a collection of quad copters that lets you dogfight like they do on the big screen. Basically, they've combined flying a drone with a game of laser tag, but the craziest thing is they go over 35 miles per hour. They start at around $160.

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