The Justice League just got 6 new heroes & they’ll warm your heart

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 4:07 PM, Sep 12, 2017

Kids (and sometimes even us adults!) always want to be superheroes, and this week, the Justice League got to welcome a few more heroes into their pack. With the help of a costume designer and special effects, photographer Josh Rossi transformed 6 heroic kids from their mild-mannered alter egos into full-fledged crusaders of justice:

Even the tiniest among us, can be heroes to us all and inspire kids and grown-ups alike. Click here to see the incredible photos from each of the kids' photo shoots and to learn more about each super kid on Josh's website.

And, as with any good superhero, there's more to the story of these kids and we've got the exclusives for you below:

1. Kayden Kinckle as Cyborg

Kayden was born with a condition that eventually made him a double amputee. But even without legs, Kayden only grew stronger, asking his mom not to help him as he learned to walk with prosthetics and becoming a kid who's tougher than a lot of adults.

See his reaction to getting his incredible poster of himself as Cyborg. And pick up his book Stepping Out on Faith which tells Kayden's story and sales of help his family pay his medical bills.

2. Sofie Loftus as Wonder Woman

Sofie always wanted long, dark hair but when she was diagnosed with cancer at 3, she lost her hair. But that didn't stop Rossi from turning her into the tough, powerful, resilient Wonder Woman, a character that embodies Sofie's fight against cancer. She even did her photo shoot soon after radiation therapy, proving that you don't have to be biggest to be the strongest inside.

Watch as she unwraps her super hero poster – the giant smile she gets will warm your heart.

3. Teagan Pettit as Superman

Teagan was born with only half a heart and has undergone countless surgeries, but that hasn't stopped this 9 year old from living life as fully as he can – or from loving Superman. The unstoppable superhero is Teagan's favorite, but even Superman would kneel to the strength Teagan's shown so far in his 9 years of life.

You won't believe how excited Teagan gets to open his movie poster and when you see it, it'll get you pretty excited too.

4. Mataese Manuma as Aquaman

2 year old Mataese was diagnosed with cancer and is a constant inspiration to his family. Because Mataese is of Polynesian decent like upcoming Aquaman actor Jason Momoa, Rossi thought the little one would make be the perfect representation of the God of Water.

See him (and his family) get hyped over his film poster and learn more about the baby wonder here.

5. Zaiden Stolrow as The Flash

Zaiden has severe ADHD and his favorite thing to do is run. But sometimes his running and energy would get him in trouble at school, even leave him friendless and lonely, so Rossi wanted to turn his "weakness" into his strength by turning him into The Flash.

Zaiden was more than excited when his poster came in and his happiness will definitely get you smiling.

6. Simon Fullmer as Batman

5 year old Simon was diagnosed with a rare form of nerve cancer, but according to his mom, he "never complains". He's full of personality, loves to be a bit quirky, and loves The Batman for a simple reason: "Because he's rich". Even at 5, Simon doesn't mince words or want anyone to sugarcoat things for him. He asks nurses and doctors to tell him what they're doing with him and apparently even corrects them when they forget to do something!

The tough 5 year old is smart and unafraid, just like Batman, which is why Rossi picked Simon for the role. Watch how proud he gets when his poster is revealed and get ready to smile almost as big as does.

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