The reality show watcher’s guide to Game of Thrones

If you never understood why people are so into Game of Thrones, don't worry, I get it. Medieval themes, knights, "Ye Olde King's" English – it can be a lot. But if you are into reality shows, you might actually know more about Thrones than you think. Here's a list 4 huge reality shows we all love that are actually just Game of Thrones – but with less old school costumes and no weird accents…probably the same amount of wine drinking though…

1. Big Brother

Ever wonder what Big Brother would be like if it were set in Medieval times? Game of Thrones. Just like the reality show, Thrones pits contestants from 4 different houses against each other, while they're under the constant surveillance of 10 million obsessed fans, every week.

As the show progresses, you'll see people get eliminated (literally) and watch strategic alliances between competitors form. Game of Thrones even has its own versions of Big Brother's "Power of Veto", the most popular versions being marriage or death. Whomever is left standing at the end gets the grand prizes: a lavishly decorated throne to sit on, loyal(-ish) subjects, and being crowned ruler of the 7 kingdoms.

2. Bachelor in Paradise

If you're a fan of the love triangles, controversies, and attractive humans featured on Bachelor in Paradise, then you might be a bigger fan of GoT than you think. As Lords and Ladies marry each other to join their houses or make royal babies, the eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in the Thrones world are left to other devices to find a shot at love – or a kingdom.

Whose arranged marriage will find love – and whose is built on a lie? Is Arya Stark too much drama for a noble gentleman? Will perpetual bachelor Jon Snow ever find the girl for him? As much as GoT is about war, it's also about love (…and wine – and super attractive people…), just like your favorite show about finding "true" love.

3. "Maury, Maury…"

When it comes to ruling on the Iron Throne, a lot of people in the Game of Thrones universe think they're the ones who deserve it because of their royal bloodline. But knowing whose bloodline is true and whose isn't can get tricky, and as the season goes on we learn that several Lords and Ladies have had babies outside of their – ahem – marriage arrangements – and that can make figuring out who should actually rule the 7 kingdoms a little more complicated.

All series long, you'll learn whose baby daddy is who, who's been doublecrossing which mistress, and who's having some sibling issues. Not to mention the intense teenage angst and acting out featured on the show too – plus some questionable sibling behavior…If you love trashy drama, you'll love GoT's classy trash.

4. Dance Moms

Moms passionate about their kids: Check.

Moms obsessed with their kids' success: Check.

Moms telling other people how their kids are destined for greatness and royalty (whether they are or not): Check.

The moms on Game of Thrones are basically Dance Moms, but in giant castles and with fancier robes. No matter what kingdom GoT moms live in, they are always looking towards (or scheming towards) their kids' success.

Between one royal mom teaching her daughters how to be assassins, valuable lessons for any teenage girl, and another mom wanting the success of her family so bad she accidently does it at the expense of her own son (Sorry, Tommen…) If you love watching parents go literally bananas over their kids, when the new season of Dance Moms ends, there's always starting Game of Thrones.

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