The sweet smell of successful marketing using scents

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By: Meredith Witthar | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 7:34 PM, Aug 10, 2017

Scent marketing techniques are leaving their smells everywhere and while you open your nostrils you're also opening your wallet. Smell is the latest way marketers are manipulating you to spend money. How does it all work? Kristina Guerrero and ScentAir’s Kristen Payne have sniffed around and have everything you need to know about scent marketing.

1. What Exactly Is Scent Marketing?

When a business thinks about the look or the sound of their environment they're not necessarily thinking about the smell. That's where companies like ScentAir come in. They're one of the leaders in scent marketing and you've probably experiencing their handiwork. They scent the largest retailers like Kenneth Cole and hotels like Westin and J.W. Marriott. Even arenas have their own special scent.

2. How Are Smells Chosen?

Scent experts will give clients different fragrances to choose from and they just waft it in front of their nose to get a sense of what it smells like and picture that in their business. They then decide if that's how they want their customers to feel when they walk-in the door. Some scents are relaxing and others are invigorating. Mandalay Bay uses coconut spice in their Las Vegas hotel to make a tropical feel. Gyms like Anytime Fitness focus on freshness for their scent so you are ready to work out.

3.  How Does Scent Marketing Work?

When a guest walks into any Westin Hotel in the world it smells the same no matter where they are across the globe. That signature scent helps with customer satisfaction and some retailers are using scent to sell their products.

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