The Top 20 Cities for Trick-Or-Treating According to Zillow

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 3:08 PM, Oct 23, 2017

Think your city is the best for trick-or-treating? Real estate database company, Zillow, did the Halloween math to figure out the top 20 spots in the country ghosts and ghouls can get the most trick-or-treat goodies, in the least amount of time. Did your city make the cut? Only one way to find out!

1. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is not only one of the best places to go trick-or-treating according to Zillow; it's also one of the friendliest! Some neighborhoods even close the streets so kids can freely roam in their costumes; and grown ups can scare up some fun too at the city's numerous Halloween block parties which feature everything from music to delicious food – even to dancing costumed neighbors!

2. San Jose, CA

It's not just the homes giving out candy on Halloween in San Jose – kids can get candy by heading to a bunch of different trick-or-treat events like Trick or Treat in Downtown Willow Glen. The kids get to boogie to music, check out awesome light shows and displays, and even go trick-or-treating at different businesses! Even some of the owners get into the spirit!

3. Philadelphia, PA

You'd howl too if you lived in the Home of the Liberty Bell, the #3 best place for trick-or-treating on Zillow's list. Kiddos can have a wild time searching for candy in their neighborhoods – but Philly trick-or-treating gets even wilder, thanks to Boo at the Zoo at the Philadelphia Zoo, where kids can check out animals and pick up some candy!

4. Long Beach, CA

There's no life like beach life, especially when you're a kid on the hunt for some candy! Along with raking in the sweet stuff handed out by neighbors, kids can also take part in trick-or-treating at the town's Second Street in Belmont Shore, where costumed kiddos can trick or treat, inside businesses.

Then when it gets dark, costumed adults can do some trick-or-treating of their own (if the kids don't tire you out first, of course).

5. Los Angeles, CA

You can bet that some of those big LA houses go all out with their Hollywood level decorations and parties; but aside from taking in awesome yard haunts and light shows, kids trick-or-treating in LA get everything in their treat bags, from full-sized candy bars to envelopes of cash! So, if you do go trick-or-treating there, can we come too?

6. Baltimore, MD

Along with going house to house for candy on Halloween, kids can perfect their trick-or-treating skills at the city's annual, pre-Halloween party: "Trick or Treat at the Square". Kids can rock out to a DJ, learn the Thriller dance, and even bring pets along for dog-friendly treats!

7. Sacramento, CA

Sacramento is part of the top 10 best cities to trick-or-treat in according to Zillow, but if you ask the kids, their neighborhoods also give out the best candy. Plus the historic neighborhoods in the city each offer something for everyone on Halloween night, from incredible decorations to annual pooch parades!

8. Washington, DC

DC might be the place for politics, but on October 31st, it's all about the candy. Some neighborhoods have so many houses that kids get double the candy they would anywhere else – score – while other neighborhoods throw Halloween bashes that could wake the dead with DJs, treasure hunts, chocolate fountains, and cash bars for the grown-ups.

9. Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee doesn't just feature some of the most ideal neighborhoods for trick-or-treaters; the other best part about Halloween in Milwaukee? Candy hours open early, which means more time for grabbing treats! Some Milwaukee neighborhoods let kids start knocking on doors as early as 1pm!

I wonder how many Milwaukee parents get requests from the kids for a Halloween half day at school…

10. Seattle, WA

Anywhere you go in Seattle on Halloween is a jackpot for trick-or-treat goodies. Kids can pick up some candy at local businesses while taking in views on the Seattle waterfront or they can head to Capitol Hill where they'll find musical performances, carnival games, and more. But don't take our word for it – even music giant, Macklemore, thinks Capitol Hill is where it's at on October 31st.

11. Dallas, TX

Sure, kids in Dallas can reap the candy benefits on Halloween by going door to door, but that's not all! Kids can also head to the Dallas Zoo for one of the coolest, candy-filled Halloween events in the city. There, they can collect candy at 13 different treat stations throughout the zoo, meet superheroes, brave the backwards ride on a Haunted Carousel, and make crafts like "vulture vomit", which sounds gross…but also sounds super cool!

12. Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix's sprawling streets are the perfect candy hunting ground for trick-or-treaters. Aside from having a plethora of houses to choose from, Phoenix kids can get their zombie on, too, at the city's pre-Halloween Zombie Walk, one of the largest gatherings of zombies in the Southwest!

13. Chicago, IL

Chicago knows how to party on Halloween, from neighborhood block parties, to marching bands, even to dog costume parades! And any kid looking for candy in some of the most historic neighborhoods in the city will be treated to incredibly decorated homes that look like haunted houses – and hand out candy by the bucket.

14. San Diego, CA

During most of the year, San Diego is a beach paradise, but on Halloween, its neighborhoods are a paradise for over 500 trick or treaters. Kiddos can enjoy larger than life home decorations like pop-up skeletons and these singing pumpkins. The city even has its own Queen of Halloween in the Encinitas neighborhood. There, kids can line up and ask her to grant their Halloween wishes (probably for more candy).

15. Denver, CO

Every Halloween, Denver belongs to the kids in costume. One of the biggest events of the Halloween season is Trick or Treat Street, a three day festival that features carnival games, LEGO stations, and, of course, trick-or-treating. After they've tricked and treated, kids can jump on the Rocky Mountain Mini Train to take in the sights – and take a break to count all their loot.

16. El Paso, TX

On Halloween, everywhere in El Paso is fair game for trick-or-treaters. Kids can go store to store for candy treats at the mall before heading out into their neighborhoods. Or they can take a class in trick-or-treating at El Paso Community College's Trick or Treat the Campus! Kids can head to the college's campus to go trick-or-treating at different stations, see awesome performances, hit some carnival rides, and more!

17. Las Vegas, NV

If any place knows how to party, it's the city of Las Vegas, and it's no different on Halloween night. Kids can head to the magical HallOVeen Forest to jump on enchanted carnival rides, play mini golf, hang ten on an avalanche slide and more. Then they can satisfy their sweet tooth by heading to Hershey's Chocolate World for free Candy Corn Creme Bars! Yum!

18. Charlotte, NC

Kids in Charlotte can head to their neighbors' for tasty candy treats, or they can take a stroll downtown during the city's beautiful Downtown Concord Candy Crawl. The streets go from charming to spooky thanks to awesome decorations, and kids can visit stores for treats and enjoy entertainment at every turn.

19. Portland, OR

Portland, Oregon's lil' ghosts and ghouls get more than just candy on their Halloween night out when they go trick-or-or treating on Alberta Street. Not only will they have a chance at great treats when they visit local businesses; they also get a chance to win great prizes!

This year, the first 500 kids that come looking for candy at the Green Bean Books bookstore will get a special, surprise treat – lucky!

20. Mesa, AZ

Kids in Mesa rule the streets on Halloween. One of their favorite haunts is the city's annual Trick-or-Treat Main Street where over 40 local businesses hand out candy and other surprises for kids in costume. While on the hunt for candy, kids can also play carnival games, enjoy Halloween entertainment, and enjoy delicious food – after the candy of course.

Do you think Zillow got this list right? See the rest of their trick-or-treat research here!

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