The Ultimate 4 Ways to Handle Internet Trolls

Wherever there's something posted on the internet, an internet troll is not far behind, posting offensive comments and looking to make people they don't even know angry. If you've seen trolling online and want to know how to deal with them (or get back at 'em), without stooping to their level, Jared Cotter is showing you 4 ways to troll the internet troll.

1. Talk to the Hand, 'Cause the Eyes Aren't Reading

The number one way to tell a troll off: don't say anything at all. According to therapist Tom Kersting, ignoring their lame comments takes away their power.

Their whole intention is to post something mean or offensive to get you to respond to them. Once you do, they'll keep saying offensive things because they know they have your attention. If you don't answer them, they've got to find someone else to try to bait into their trollhouse.

2. Kindness is the Key

While Kersting doesn't recommend actually replying to a troll, if you really want to, make sure you stay kind. If one particular comment really offended you and you feel you have to correct a few claims, wait 10 minutes to really collect your thoughts and arguments. If you respond impulsively, you risk showing a little troll behavior yourself and might not come off as your best self.

Plus, you might be surprised to find that, after 10 minutes, you don't really care about that troll's comment at all.

3. L-O-L

Trolls whole purpose is to make you mad. But have you actually thought about how ridiculous that is? The internet is a magical place where you can find anything to learn or laugh at, and people are spending the time they have on the internet, trying to make other people angry. That's the silliest thing in the world. So remember that.

If someone gets on your nerves online, remember how you don't need to make other people angry to make yourself feel cool.

4. Let Them Eat Cake

Literally! If a particular troll has gotten on your nerves, contact the people at These internet sleuths actually track down your troll and mail them a cake with their lame troll comment frosted on top. Make them eat their words – and in a pretty awesome way.

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