The Way You Interact with Bae at Dinner Says a Lot About Your Relationship

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer Posted: 5:54 PM, May 11, 2018

Calling all couples! Have you ever wondered are we just dating? or are we getting serious? If you want to know what relationship stage you're in, look no further than how you dine. We spoke to relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carle to uncover the truth about the way you interact with bae at dinner, and what it reveals about your relationship!

1. Where You Sit  

If you're sitting at a 90-degree position from your partner, that means you're keeping it casual. "Ninety degrees is always a safe bet," Dr. Gilda explains. "You know, you're not all over me, I'm not all over you. I'm getting to know you as we're getting serious." 

You might be getting serious if you're a same-side seat sitter. It means you can get touchy-feely with your partner and show some PDA.  

2. What You Eat 

If you're ordering finger food, something easy that won't drip all over you, then it means you're at the beginning stages of a relationship. You're keeping it casual. If you're getting serious with the other, then you're probably ordering sloppier foods.  

Dr. Gilda Carle says leaning over and borrowing some food off the other's plate is suggesting I'm crossing over the boundary into your boundary.

3. Who Gets the Check  

Obviously, this is the most awkward part of the date. You've probably heard of the "bill dance," where you have that awkward moment of not knowing who's going to get that bill. That's being in a relationship that's at its beginning stages. 

If you say something like hey, you take it this time, I'll take it the next, then the relationship might be getting serious. The key is that there is no awkwardness, and there's already a rhythm and a dynamic to the relationship. 

Who would've thought that a dinner out could say so much about our dating lives? If you've ever wondered what are we?, the answer might be right on your restaurant table. 

Which one of these did YOU identify with? Sound off on those comments down below! 

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