The Weirdest Anniversary Gifts And Their Meanings

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Posted: 8:46 PM, Sep 12, 2022 Updated: 8:46 PM, Sep 12, 2022

If you’re stuck for an anniversary gift, the best move may be going old school — to the gift themes that have been traditional since the Victorian Era.  Bridesmaid For Hire founder Jen Glantz walks us through gifts for some anniversary milestones — and how you can put a fun modern twist on them! 

Our first gift is sweet! For 6th anniversaries it’s all about candy.

Jen says when you make it Year 6, the best thing to focus on is having some fun — and candy will bring you back to the sweetness of your romance and the jubilance of your relationship.   As for candy-inspired gift ideas — consider doing a tasting at a local sweets shop or chocolatier.  Or, do a candy subscription box where every month for a year, a surprise candy arrives at your doorstep.

Next up – for year ten– aluminum

Year 10 means that you have been together for a decade.  Since that definitely takes some strength and resilience, aluminum is thematically perfect.  For a gift you might think about a money clip, a decorative bowl, or even a nice new set of luggage (and of course, once you have that luggage you may want to go on vacation because hey — you’ve been together for a decade, that’s worth celebrating!) 

Next up – steel for the 11th anniversary 

Steel symbolizes the strongly-forged, enduring bond between you and your partner.   To get creative with the steel theme, think about a brand new set of pots and pans that you can use to cook a romantic dinner together.   You could also go with a stainless steel wine chiller for all of the bottles of wine you’ll drink this year to celebrate.

Finally-  for the sweet 16th anniversary… wax

When you think of wax, you think of candles… candles which are sometimes burning and sometimes flicker — kind of like the ebbs and flows of any marriage.  To keep that spark alive Jen suggests doing DIY candles or taking a candle-making class.  Or maybe think about a special trip or something outside the box to spark some new romance in your world.  It’s all about getting that candle lit, and keeping it that way!  

We’re mixing fun and tradition to put meaning into anniversary gift giving.