These 3 Animals Might Be Smarter Than All of Us

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Meredith Witthar Posted: 11:58 PM, Dec 5, 2017

We love our pets for lots of reasons: They keep us company, make us laugh, and, obviously, because they're super cute. But underneath those cuddly exteriors, our pets hide wicked smarts and talents that you wouldn't believe until you saw them – like the incredible things you're about to see Petra, Kohl, and a sweet sheep do – and we just can't get enough of.

1. Petra the African Grey Parrot

Sure, you've seen parrots repeat a few words after their owners; but, have you ever seen a parrot figure out how to turn on the lights? Petra the parrot has become famous for being one "smart" cookie, thanks to her ability to control her family's Alexa. She can turn on the lights, help out with grocery lists, even talk about geology – well, try to anyway.

2. Kohl the Black Lab

Air Bud's got nothing on this dog. To help the Boise State Women's basketball team learn how to think quick on their paws – err – feet, their coached enlisted the help of Kohl, the black lab. While the team runs drills, Kohl scurries across the court to help the players learn how to move on a dime and anticipate the movements of other players on the court.

But that's not all Kohl does. If you think he looks familiar, you might have seen him on the football field a few times as the Boise State Football team's official tee-retrieving dog!

3. Nothing Gets Paaast Sheep

Thanks to a recent study by Cambridge University, we can now say that sheep are soft, cuddly, and smart. The university wanted to see if sheep could recognize human faces and their research found that sheep are, not only experts at identifying peoples' faces ,once they learn them; they also flock to people they know, as seen in the study, when researchers put up pictures of the sheep's handlers and the sheep wandered right over to them. Now, that's a loyalty.

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