These 3 Padded Undergarments for Men are Breaking the Internet

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Posted: 3:10 PM, Mar 30, 2018

It's no secret that ladies use undergarments to enhance their beautiful curves, but what about the guys? Why should they be left out? Luckily, a company called Rounderbum is filling this void and offering shapewear created specifically to enhance a man's shape. The brand was featured on Shark Tank, and they're already making waves online with their products, earning millions of dollars in sales.  

We took a closer look at their products to bring you a roundup of our top three favorite figure-enhancing undergarments for men you should check out today.   

1. Butt-Enhancing Padded Briefs 

Know a man who wants a bigger booty? Now he can sport a more bubble-licious bottom, thanks to Rounderbum's $25 butt-enhancing boxer briefs. They come in either briefs or boxers in different colors, and feature hidden padding in to provide instant volume and definition in the buttox. As their website states, "say goodbye to saggy jeans!" 

2. Padded Muscle Shirt  

You heard that right, a shirt that will make you buff instantly! The padded muscle shirt features three-quarter sleeves, comes in black, and includes muscle padding to make your upper body look buffer. Who needs a gym anyway?! This brawny bad boy runs for $49.  

3. Xtreme Compression Shirt 

The Xtreme Compression Shirt is more than just a shirt to tighten and give the appearance of a smaller waistline. For $69, the shirt is made of material that the company says can tone your chest and improve your posture. It can also be used for people who've just gone through a surgical procedure.  

Voila!  Those are three genius padding products that turned heads after Shark Tank. Whether you think these trends are a hogwash or not, they're still catching the attention of those who want a better, more curvilicious bod.  

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