These Charming Pet-Themed Holiday Ads Will Make Your Day

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 12:48 AM, Dec 7, 2017

Along with being the time of the year when we hang up decorations and spend time with family and friends, the holiday season is also the time of year when you're allowed to overdose on good feelings. So, if you find yourself letting out some emotions while watching this holiday commercial from Globeph, especially if you're watching along with your favorite pet, don't worry – us too.

We're not crying, you're crying. This super sweet ad has gone viral on YouTube, partly because of its sweet message, but probably mostly because, hello, there's a puppy in it. So, if you need more holiday-celebrating critters in your life, here are three of our other favorite holiday ads featuring pets – and we promise they won't make you cry, except maybe tears of laughter and joy.

1. Freshpet Holiday Feast

Pet food company, Freshpet, knows that one of the best things about the holidays is being able to sit around the table with your loved ones and dig into a tasty feast – all while enjoying each other's company. But, if you think some of your loved ones can be total dogs, Freshpet gets that too. That's why they made this hilarious holiday ad featuring 13 dogs (and 1 cat) enjoying holiday dinner together, but, not quite how you're thinking.

And if this video tickled you just right, click here to see the behind the scenes action, which is even more entertaining.

2. Keep Them Busy

Anyone who has a cat knows that when the holiday decorations go up, it's officially feline playtime. This creative ad from cat treat brand, Temptations, shows just how decoration-shattering and havoc-wreaking that holiday playtime can get. Temptations' solution? Keep them busy with their treats instead. It's much easier to part with those than to part with all those irreplaceable ornaments you've had since '97.

3. Waiting for Santa

In this super cute ad made by American Greetings, a sweet dog is excitedly awaiting the arrival of Santa. Pup hangs up his stocking, puts out cookies and milk for Saint Nick, and even barks a few times, just to let Santa know his little doghouse is ready. And even though Pup eventually falls asleep, a special visitor brings him a gift that's sure to make his Christmas Day even more magical.

Bonus: The Big Step

Okay, so, remember when we said we wouldn't show you any more videos that would make you cry? Well, if you don't want to shed any tears – scroll back up, now! But, if you don't mind letting out a few feelings, this holiday will do the job:

Created by Johnston Jewelers, this commercial centers around a couple taking a big step in their relationship: getting a puppy. Over the course of it, we get to see the puppy grow up as the couple grows as well. But when the girlfriend gets a call that sends her away, her boyfriend, and her pup realize how hard it can be to get along without her. So, when she comes home, and reunites with them, the three take a big step, together, one that will keep them all together for a long time.

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