Thinking Outside the Cart: 3 Healthy New Grocery Store Trends

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Elyse Johnson Posted: 9:32 PM, Aug 9, 2016

The days of going to the grocery store to just pick up milk and eggs are long gone. With competition from online companies like Amazon Fresh and Blue Apron, stores are evolving and becoming hubs of food activity. Bradley Hasemeyer and Natural Grocers’ Kerri Oddo have three ways you can now go beyond the bag on your next shopping trip.

1.  Health Classes

Classes are offered on a wide range of science based nutrition topics like how to build healthy bones, and how to curb cravings with quality food, focusing on teaching people how to eat healthy on a budget.

2.  Cooking Demos

From breakfast through dinner, cooking classes are now being offered at many grocery stores. This is a great way to understand the recipes and nutritional value in the food you are eating. The customers in these classes get to come for free, learn, and eat!

3.  Health Coaching

Now some stores are offing health coaching, which is a great way to educate consumers on what they are putting into their bodies. It’s all about learning about your body and which foods work best with it.

Grocers’ thinking outside the cart is the healthy new trend sweeping the nation, and customers and eating it up.

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