This Youtube channel turns real life into Legos and we want to live in it

What do you get when you cross the most important meal of the day with the most prolific toys of your childhood? Lego breakfast, of course! – the cheapest way to get the nutrients* you need to start the day.

* = Legos are not a sufficient source of daily vitamins and minerals. Please at least also eat, like, a fruit or two.

This delicious breakfast is brought to you by Youtube channel BrickBrosProductions, who are masters at turning real life into a Lego playground with their funny, colorful, and super cool videos and creations. If you've ever wanted to know what it'd really be like to live in a world made of Legos, we've got 3 BrickBros videos to give you a taste, from Lego vending machine technology, to a look at Lego lawbreakers, even a certain superhero piecing his sidekick back together.

1. Lego Candy Machine

If you lived in a world made of Legos, you wouldn't grab candy from any old vending machine – you'd grab it from the Lego vending machine! See how the BricksBros built an operating, 25 cent taking M&M machine with Legos and a couple simple components. Now this is our kind of way to make a few quick bucks.

2. Lego Heist

Even the world of Lego can sometimes suffer from a wave of crime and this stop motion short shows what happens when a normal Lego-World day is shaken up by a group of criminals and their ice-cream truck getaway car – Spoiler Alert: It's pretty entertaining.

3. Bat-Logic

And where there is crime to be stopped, there is a Batman to be found. In this stop-motion sketch, we find a hungry Batman receiving a pie from The Joker, which is bad news for his sidekick with an unfortunate pie-related allergy.

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